Sunday, 5 December 2010

Whatever you want to call it

I got my laptop back! Yayayayay! I'll be off on a comment/follow spree at some point today :) I've become addicted to PT again. It's pretty bad lol. Another site I can't help but go on is . It is pretty awesome and really addicting actually. My whole body aches. I think it's from playing around in the snow. I actually ran in it the other day. It was pretty epic. I'll put some pictures on actually. They look a bit blurry because it was snowing and I was using my phone. I look fat too but I guess it wasn't helped by the fact I had 2 tops on, a jacket and a coat. Oh and scarf lol. ^ Hehe. Just for the fun of it. ^ My feet were so cold but that is the field we ran in. Fun! ^ Yes. Slightly mental! ^That was the deep part going through a field. It was cold. I love how the bags don't sink though. So funny! It's the same field has the 2nd picture. ^That hill was terrible but so funny to go up and down! People fell and I had to laugh. An hearse got stuck just a little bit further down this hill on it's way to the cemetery.


So that was the snow in Leeds. We spent like 4 hours looking for somewhere to use a bank card because everywhere kept on shutting. Good exercise though ;) and really good fun. I really enjoyed myself out in it.

I bought an advent calender too because I felt left out. I got an Hello Kitty one. It's adorable and *gasps* I've actually only been eating one a day. Sometimes I end up eating it all lol. But so far, so good.

Anyway I have no idea where this post is going but I guess it was just a quick hello and I hope you are having a good weekend.

Oh and them pictures where taken on the Wednesday I thought it was oging to go really rubbish. It wasn't too bad I guess :)

Much Love

Take Care



  1. i had a look at that website and its pretty cool! (:

  2. Haha that looks like heaps of fun! Where i am in Australia we don't have snow so it's nice to see it in pictures at least!
    You look great! Especially considering you are wearing heaps of clothes.
    Good you got your laptop back, i can't stand not having a computer.
    Glad you had so much fun

  3. I went out in the snow too, in Kent and it was like your 2nd picture, knee deep and waist deep in some places!!!
    Take care and yay for snow related exercise! x

  4. omg snow! it looks like so much fun. i've never seen snow before :(

  5. You're so cute in the snow! And what the hell?!? Do you guys usually get that much snow? My sis and a load of cousins are scattered all over England and they said it's been like crazy cold. We've got NOTHING. barely even frost in the morning. >:(


  6. yay! OMAHGOD i wish they had hello kitty advent calendars here! I swear, I must be the only one to use them in salisbury (not the one in the UK) because I had to go to like 8 diff. stores to find one!

    ew snow. I hate snow. it makes my feet wet and cold lol.

    hurrah for getting your laptop back!

  7. wow the snow is beautiful. im in brum and it snowed like 2 cm maybe less haha

  8. <3 i love this post! I love your photos! I hope you had such an incredible time, you look wonderfully bright, keep smiling :)