Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Good morning

I think my phone is playing doofus since it never told me I had comments. Or maybe it did and I deleted them like I normally delete everything on the phone. I am rarely on Msn to check emails on the laptop. Anyway I hope you all had a good christmas. Mine wasn't too bad actually. These past 4 or so days though I have been eating (and drinking) like 2010 is the end of the world. It's mental and unless my scales are as dippy as my phone, I am just a couple of pounds off of my HW. That is not something you want to see first thing on a icy, cold, horrible tuesday. Blah. *sighs* I wish people would stop sending me lame ass stuff on Facebook. Which reminds me I need to do a friend clean up on that thing at some point... Too many weirdo's, moronic ED people and just general idiots on there. Moving on. I finally got around to opening all my gifts by this morning. How bad is it that I never opened them on Saturday? I am thankful to say I did NOT get a pair of ghds this year! You have no idea how thankful I was of that small thing but when you have in total 7 pairs of hair straighteners (5 ghds, other too are babyliss or something)... You get my point? Most of my friends and me all agreed on gift cards or something. Some I trust enough to buy for and to have a proper gift in return. Ooh and I got socks xD What is christmas without socks? Haha i do have a sock thing though. I can never go clothes shopping and not buy socks. *Yawn* It's nearly 10am. I should go to bed or something. I know. My sleeping pattern is stuffed. Have a good day anyhow :) Much Love Take Care xoXox


  1. glad to hear your christmas was good! UGH I am near my HW too. Its perfectly awful, but a couple of good days will bring that back down!


  2. Haha I got socks too! Big fuzzzy ones! Glad you had such a nice holiday babe! XOXOX much love!

  3. I got socks too :) everyone in my family did :D
    Hope you are sorting your sleep out so you are no longer nocturnal! x

  4. Haha, I got socks as well!!
    And yeah, I always do a facebook friend clean up. I'm totally exclusive on there! ;)

  5. Yay for new Christmas socks!! They get more ridiculous every year as well. This year mum found socks with pictures of snoopy, sheep in Santa hats, and rabid partridges. :/

    Glad you had a nice Christmas. Don't get too stressed about the weight! I'm too scared to weigh myself--I figure it's better to give myself some time to go back down after holiday-binging before I step on a scale. <3