Saturday, 18 December 2010

Friday/Saturday laughs and tears

I've enjoyed my day/night (whatever) actually. I am glad I didn't go to bed at 01:30 when I felt I was going to. Frodette, Person, Asdf, Alba, That_Fat_Lassie, Selkie, Heavierthan... I'm not sure the end of that because I'd have to click on your profile and everyone else on PT are amazing! And Patience. It's sad to see her leave but if it means she recovers then I am very happy. :D But I have seriously laughed at more things on PT than the threads by Person tonight. It's weird using peoples user names rather than names. *Shrugs* But the topics... Oh my gosh! If you was on and read them I hope you giggled! It was nice to have something not so depressing on there for once :) Patience's post made me kind of cry though. I am really losing my credibility at being a tough guy but this is between you and me. (this was what made tough ol' me cry a wee bit) Run_hide_and cry(sorry if i butchered, I see your posts so often, and you seem lovely. A great helper and honest. I hope some day you wont want to run, hide, or cry. But love where you are, live to the fullest, and smile. (and then to everyone on the site) I love tons more of you, and hope you all can recover or at least find that middle ground. I hope you find love, kids if ya want em, fulfill your careers paths and accomplish all goals for life. I hope you sing and dance and kiss people and take adventures. I hope you live and don't let your ED's stop you from your inner spirit. --- It's amazing how much people care for each other on PT. Even when the site sucks big time, there is still some amazing people on there. Wow how much of my post is based on PT without me bashing it once? Amazing. But you guys on here rock too. I know some of you barely use PT anymore but you are all still so lovely. I think I might even like you all more than my everyday and part time friends :D Okay so enough of the softness. It's a bit lame isn't it? Yeah tell the truth ;) With my birthday coming up I am getting softer with old age. It's Christmas day a week today. It so does not feel like it. I still have a bit of shopping to do. We have to do our party shopping still actually aka alcohol. Yes I intend to enter Christmas day drunk and maybe even end it that way. I know that is how New Years eve is going. *I wonder if it is still snowing?* Kind of. How is everyone else spending Christmas? I'm spending mine with friends instead this year. I really cannot do family this year. I'd possibly kill somebody or commit suicide. Yes they are that bad. Hats off to all you spending Christmas at home. You have my sympathy. It's past 6am. I should try and go to sleep. I am meant to be going shopping at 10am haha. Oh lordy lord and if it keeps snowing and gets really bad like it is meant to... Yeah I should sleep or get coffee. I am going to the cinema 3 times in January. How cool right? I'm finally going to go and see Harry Potter, am getting dragged along to Burlesque (not so sure. Christina as a singer = great. As an actress = : ) and then on the 21st or 22nd or maybe even the 23rd (my birthday :D ) I am going to see Black Swan with a few friends. I am looking forward to that movie. Looks awesome. Okay so this is getting long and I am getting bored. Night to you Americans, Morning to the Brits and Europeans and afternoon/evening you Aussies :) Have a good day anyhoo. I didn't even say half of what I was inteding to lol. Oh well. Much love Take care xoXox


  1. I love this post <3 it made me smile :) x

  2. BLACK SWAN BLACK SWAN BLACK SWAN sooo excited for that movie. i saw burlesque too--very inspiring dance numberws, sub par acting, but whatever. anything stanley tucci is anything that I go and see.

  3. You have to let us all know how black swan went. I really want to see it. You are so sweet and caring and really make blog reading relaxing. I know what you mean by letting ED ruin your totally broke mine this week.. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it. xoxox miss you

  4. I keep forgetting about PT; I haven't been on there in aaages.

    Hope you have an awesome Christmas with your friends. I'm a loser--I'd actually much prefer Christmas with the family. With mum's side at least. :D There's tons of us (I have 5 siblings and 30ish cousins), and even though I won't see everyone, there's always some good craic.

    But New Year's is another story.