Thursday, 30 December 2010


Miss sleep. That is all. For now. x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Good morning

I think my phone is playing doofus since it never told me I had comments. Or maybe it did and I deleted them like I normally delete everything on the phone. I am rarely on Msn to check emails on the laptop. Anyway I hope you all had a good christmas. Mine wasn't too bad actually. These past 4 or so days though I have been eating (and drinking) like 2010 is the end of the world. It's mental and unless my scales are as dippy as my phone, I am just a couple of pounds off of my HW. That is not something you want to see first thing on a icy, cold, horrible tuesday. Blah. *sighs* I wish people would stop sending me lame ass stuff on Facebook. Which reminds me I need to do a friend clean up on that thing at some point... Too many weirdo's, moronic ED people and just general idiots on there. Moving on. I finally got around to opening all my gifts by this morning. How bad is it that I never opened them on Saturday? I am thankful to say I did NOT get a pair of ghds this year! You have no idea how thankful I was of that small thing but when you have in total 7 pairs of hair straighteners (5 ghds, other too are babyliss or something)... You get my point? Most of my friends and me all agreed on gift cards or something. Some I trust enough to buy for and to have a proper gift in return. Ooh and I got socks xD What is christmas without socks? Haha i do have a sock thing though. I can never go clothes shopping and not buy socks. *Yawn* It's nearly 10am. I should go to bed or something. I know. My sleeping pattern is stuffed. Have a good day anyhow :) Much Love Take Care xoXox

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas eve!!

So I'm finally blogging again. It may be Christmas Eve and I most likely should be cooking something to eat before going out later tonight but that doesn't matter =] I am going to make an effort to comment on all your blogs too but incase I miss one or two Merry Christmas. Have a lot of fun even if it is a day of food. And I've just realised I have been blogging nearly a year! Oh wow. I've been on here longer than my current account on PT. Anyway onto the blog. I have no idea what I want to say actually. I think I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and all that. I'm spending tonight getting slightly drunk with my friends and having a good time which suprisingly is going good. It's actually a nice feeling to be having a good time for once. You have so many down days with EDs and crap that when you get a good happy day you embrace it. I am shitting tomorrow though. I still have my 800 cals for food today but tomorrow could go both ways. I'm trying to look at it by saying it's only one day and it obviously won't kill me and I refuse to purge. I don't want to ruin my christmas by doing that. *I'm telling my friend about singing little donkey in primary school. He's laughing but it was really cute if you look back at videos lol* I sort of give up at replying to everyone now. I still have to go on Facebook which actually is always fun at parties ;] Anyway enjoy your christmas eve's (or christmas day if you are an Aussie!) and enjoy Christmas day. Only comes once a year. And remember you are all amazing. I <3> Much Love xoXox

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Friday/Saturday laughs and tears

I've enjoyed my day/night (whatever) actually. I am glad I didn't go to bed at 01:30 when I felt I was going to. Frodette, Person, Asdf, Alba, That_Fat_Lassie, Selkie, Heavierthan... I'm not sure the end of that because I'd have to click on your profile and everyone else on PT are amazing! And Patience. It's sad to see her leave but if it means she recovers then I am very happy. :D But I have seriously laughed at more things on PT than the threads by Person tonight. It's weird using peoples user names rather than names. *Shrugs* But the topics... Oh my gosh! If you was on and read them I hope you giggled! It was nice to have something not so depressing on there for once :) Patience's post made me kind of cry though. I am really losing my credibility at being a tough guy but this is between you and me. (this was what made tough ol' me cry a wee bit) Run_hide_and cry(sorry if i butchered, I see your posts so often, and you seem lovely. A great helper and honest. I hope some day you wont want to run, hide, or cry. But love where you are, live to the fullest, and smile. (and then to everyone on the site) I love tons more of you, and hope you all can recover or at least find that middle ground. I hope you find love, kids if ya want em, fulfill your careers paths and accomplish all goals for life. I hope you sing and dance and kiss people and take adventures. I hope you live and don't let your ED's stop you from your inner spirit. --- It's amazing how much people care for each other on PT. Even when the site sucks big time, there is still some amazing people on there. Wow how much of my post is based on PT without me bashing it once? Amazing. But you guys on here rock too. I know some of you barely use PT anymore but you are all still so lovely. I think I might even like you all more than my everyday and part time friends :D Okay so enough of the softness. It's a bit lame isn't it? Yeah tell the truth ;) With my birthday coming up I am getting softer with old age. It's Christmas day a week today. It so does not feel like it. I still have a bit of shopping to do. We have to do our party shopping still actually aka alcohol. Yes I intend to enter Christmas day drunk and maybe even end it that way. I know that is how New Years eve is going. *I wonder if it is still snowing?* Kind of. How is everyone else spending Christmas? I'm spending mine with friends instead this year. I really cannot do family this year. I'd possibly kill somebody or commit suicide. Yes they are that bad. Hats off to all you spending Christmas at home. You have my sympathy. It's past 6am. I should try and go to sleep. I am meant to be going shopping at 10am haha. Oh lordy lord and if it keeps snowing and gets really bad like it is meant to... Yeah I should sleep or get coffee. I am going to the cinema 3 times in January. How cool right? I'm finally going to go and see Harry Potter, am getting dragged along to Burlesque (not so sure. Christina as a singer = great. As an actress = : ) and then on the 21st or 22nd or maybe even the 23rd (my birthday :D ) I am going to see Black Swan with a few friends. I am looking forward to that movie. Looks awesome. Okay so this is getting long and I am getting bored. Night to you Americans, Morning to the Brits and Europeans and afternoon/evening you Aussies :) Have a good day anyhoo. I didn't even say half of what I was inteding to lol. Oh well. Much love Take care xoXox

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rainy tuesday

Today has been pretty miserable. I don't mind the rain though. It's meant to turn to snow in the next few days. I hope it does anyway. A white Christmas would be stunning :) I find myself doing this really weird thing lately. Whenever I walk to Tesco and see a slim girl/woman or whatever I am always noticing what they are buying, when we leave the store (not together I may add) I find myself wondering why they are walking if they choose to walk. Do they not have a care? Can't they afford the bus? (Hey it's pretty expensive these days to use public transport.) It's really weird but I can't help it. It's like when you sit in the city centre with a drink from Starbucks with your friends and guess what people do for a living. Maybe I just notice too much and question things that shouldn't be questioned? It's a thought. Why am I writing this in the Edit Html bit? Meh. These next few weeks are going to be a test of character. I have so many social gatherings and things to go to. I really don't want to. Truth be told I'd rather snuggle up with an hot water bottle and read a good book. Well I like the alcohol side of things but it doesn't feel like Christmas or a time to celebrate. I don't know. Maybe it is because I can't be bothered pretending to enjoy this year. I wish I could though. Aren't I depressing? I should be asleep right now. I have a really long boring day ahead of me. But it is the last week to do what I need to before people decide to stop working. I have to go party shopping tomorrow with a friend too. I'm going maybe this week. Probably actually. People seem to panic buy in the few days up to Christmas. It's mad. I don't get it. You can't possibly starve in the one day Tesco isn't open. Goodness me people lol. God. I remember when I used to write long and interesting posts haha. My creativity and social life seems to be pretty bleak doesn't it? You can almost hear it flat lining. Listen. Did you hear that?... Yeah. That was the machine giving up. ;) Oh that reminds me. Earlier today when I was at my place my friend was over whilst this guy sorted the electric machine out and he was talking about older people and their sex lives. He kept going "Imagine your mum doing that. Or you grandma." Needless to say the images I saw in my head... I would pay good money to never see them again! Nasty. What is it with men and them sorts of comments? On a side note the electrician was pretty cute. I do remember that *grins* Right I should go to bed. I've spent too long writing this. I'm going to watch South Park and attempt to sleep (which really means spend hours listening to the iPod and reading). Have a good morning,afternoon,evening or night wherever you are. Na'Night Take care Much love xoXox

Saturday, 11 December 2010


I like the amount of followers I have lol. How are you all? I haven't blogged in quite a while which is pretty bad. I have been sort of busy lately. Christmas is killing me and I'm not liking buying all these presents. Yes I'm bad but people never use what you buy them. I've resorted to buying most people gift cards because I can't be bothered asking them what they want and going through all that stuff. I'd rather buy them something they can buy what they want with. I have parties from next Friday too. Thank goodness it'll all be over with soon. Then it'll be my birthday. Looking forward to it and dreading it. I'll be 18. I don't know if I am going to feel differently. Well I mean apart from drunk/hungover. I've actually never had an hangover. I can aim for one lol. It means I can get a tattoo too :D Legally. I never wanted to get one illegally even though a close family friend is a tattoo artist. Yes I am a good girl. Cute and good. Two words that will follow me for life! I don't think I have too much to say actually. I sort of just wanted to update this thing. I remember how I had to do it religiously and now I'm so rubbish at it. I should make it a resolution to update it at least once a day... Okay I'll admit. The reason I don't want to write much is because I am playing Call of Duty and on PT. Multi tasking at it's finest. On a random note I need to weigh myself in the morning. I need to know what sort of damage I need to undo before the 24th of January since my birthday is on a Sunday. Worst day ever really isn't it? But yeah. Since I an getting a tattoo on my side (one of them) I don't... Well it would be nice to be a wee bit smaller :) Hope you are all okay. And smile!
You are beautiful! <3
Much Love
Take Care

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Whatever you want to call it

I got my laptop back! Yayayayay! I'll be off on a comment/follow spree at some point today :) I've become addicted to PT again. It's pretty bad lol. Another site I can't help but go on is . It is pretty awesome and really addicting actually. My whole body aches. I think it's from playing around in the snow. I actually ran in it the other day. It was pretty epic. I'll put some pictures on actually. They look a bit blurry because it was snowing and I was using my phone. I look fat too but I guess it wasn't helped by the fact I had 2 tops on, a jacket and a coat. Oh and scarf lol. ^ Hehe. Just for the fun of it. ^ My feet were so cold but that is the field we ran in. Fun! ^ Yes. Slightly mental! ^That was the deep part going through a field. It was cold. I love how the bags don't sink though. So funny! It's the same field has the 2nd picture. ^That hill was terrible but so funny to go up and down! People fell and I had to laugh. An hearse got stuck just a little bit further down this hill on it's way to the cemetery.


So that was the snow in Leeds. We spent like 4 hours looking for somewhere to use a bank card because everywhere kept on shutting. Good exercise though ;) and really good fun. I really enjoyed myself out in it.

I bought an advent calender too because I felt left out. I got an Hello Kitty one. It's adorable and *gasps* I've actually only been eating one a day. Sometimes I end up eating it all lol. But so far, so good.

Anyway I have no idea where this post is going but I guess it was just a quick hello and I hope you are having a good weekend.

Oh and them pictures where taken on the Wednesday I thought it was oging to go really rubbish. It wasn't too bad I guess :)

Much Love

Take Care


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gotta feeling

I have a feeling today is just going to not go to plan for me. I've had no sleep though I ain't tired, just cold. Can't say stepping on that scale helped me this morning. Gah don't you just hate starting the day in not a alrightmood and then have it change just like that? I hate it. How can you be happy one minute and then really down 10 minutes later? Anyway this isn't my proper blog. Just a moan before I go and get ready to face this (cold, dark) day. Happy December by the way since it is the first :) Much Love Take Care xoXox