Saturday, 6 November 2010


I almost forget to blog today! So bad. I haven't commented or read your blogs either but in my defence I am on my phone and don't actually know your blog addys :P I do promise to read them though. I don't even have much to blog about since I spent most of today just laid in bed. Yeah I really was that lazy! Until I went out with friends anyway. I can't wait until they all go back to work or college/university. It only seems to be party season right now and it's getting boring. [I've just spillt WKD into my glass of coca cola. Not too sure I want to drink that now :/] Anyway I'll do a longer update in the morning because the iPhone isn't the best phone to blog on. BB is easier to use for that purpose. And I'll comment/follow you all because I think I have some newbie followers. And I'll go on PT. Basically I'll go back to being an internet whore ;) Have a good weekend :) Take Care Much Love xoXox


  1. WKD?
    you've been a busy girl! take care sweetie!

  2. just to comment and say hi :P

  3. haha lazy sunday. have a good rest of weekend.