Friday, 5 November 2010

I made it *waves*

Hii :)

I'm going to make a day of it tomorrow catching up with everybodies lovely blogs. I've missed out on a week of your lives :O

^ That made me sound a bit stalkerish. Be sure to lock your doors tonight ;] haha.

I'm currently sneezing like mad and being told to hurry up so we can go to Tesco. Classy right? Ah well, I still have to get a shower :P I have pushy friends.

It's bonfire night, isn't it? I'm asking you, yet getting ready to go to a fire. Genius. I, or rather we, are hopefully going to have an okay night. I am going to forget about annoying friends. I really do hate people who just don't shut up. I am quite nice to people, but gosh! Some people really make you want to hurt them. Especially one. I have never met anybody quite like her, and to be quite honest, I never wish to meet another one like her.

Um, I am quite sure I have other things to say...

Oh the first week of November as been an utter fail in all meanings of the word. Seriously. :| I don't know what is wrong with me. I do well for a month and then for a week or so it's like :@ I guess tomorrow is a new day like I tell everyone else.
Funny how you can give advice and help other people going through the same thing but never take your own advice. That truelly baffles me.

Anyway I should go and... wash my hair or some other thing. Here's to a good night out and then avoiding nights out for a few weeks. This time of year is so difficult for avoiding things don't you think?

Take Care
Much Love


  1. Girls *rolls eyes* Some are awesome, others are just way too much to deal with.

    A bonfire sounds bad ass. I'm jealous :) Have fun, love! and definitely take your own advice- it's excellent.

  2. door is locked. it baffles me, too, the way i tell everyone to go easy&then treat myself so harshly. silly me. &silly you too, i suppose. i have waves of it too sometimes. i'll do really well for quite a while but then i drop out. it's as if screwing up is inevitable. kind of like stalling out when learning to drive a standard car. you'll stall a thousand times but you'll get better at starting up again. hopefully that works here, too...?'re got me thinking. stays strong, little miss. good to have you back.

  3. Hmm. "tell other people advice but never follow it yourself?" Oh my goodness, I think we are soul sisters. But seriously, tomorrow is another day. And it is only November 5th.

    Keep lovely.

  4. SO true. Holiday season you can’t avoid anything. Food is everywhere and every occasion revolves around it. So annoying.
    Hope you have fun tonight
    XX Sarah

  5. Welcome back you beautiful thing.
    Oh a week, really? I knew something was missing out of my life this week ;)

  6. Those nights out are a killer.

    Hope you enjoyed bonfire night! I wish we had that here. Then again, every night is fire night for me... :D
    <3 setting things on fire.


  7. I hate this time of year... so much food. xoxox missed you