Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hii newbies

Long time no proper blog! I spent the weekend with friends so it would have been hard to hide writing and my excuse for yesterday was... I'll think of one by the time I have written this out ;) Hello new followers by the way too. Thought I'd be polite. I have actually been pretty busy these last 2 days. Simpily doing useless stuff but it's kept me busy and got my eating back in check. About time too. I mean I was probably only averaging 1000 or less for the past week or something but I hate feeling full and I really don't like eating that much. I had so much to write and my mind as gone completely blank. I should stop texting and surfing the net because it is distracting me badly! An advert has just come on TV and it totally reminded me I never saw Toy Story 3! I was meant to but never went. I want to see HP though but once the hype's died down. I heard about Dobby dying. It made me want to cry! I so did not want to read that on Facebook. Grr! I have read the last book but I didn't want it to play out on screen. Poor Dobby :'( I soo fail at blogging tonight. I haven't even thought of an excuse haha. I have to eat something tomorrow since I am donating blood. Only thing I hate is drinking all the water beforehand. And they don't let you leave unless you eat and drink. Nurses lol. I'll take my own water because I don't do the water they use. Yes I am so snobby ;) haha. I will only drink bottles water. Tap is a bit too... nasty to me. So that is my useless post of the day :) I'll be a bit more interesting tomorrow evening. Take Care Much Love xoXox


  1. Haha. Newbies? Never!
    Well done for donating blood. I'm doing it soon as well!! Let us know how it goes.

  2. HP is amazing... It's sad about Dobby though. Poor Dobby. I nearly cried. :'( It's cool that you're donating blood, I hope it goes well :) x