Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Craziness but my craziness :)

I have like 5 windows open with 4 tabs open in each of them with all (most) of your blogs. I am lacking seriously with coming online. But here is to comments :) And hey newbies following :)
Last few days have been pretty... regular. Well for a normal person. For someone like me it's been my idea of hell.

^^ That has been the subject of most of the suffering. Okay not pepperoni and not in an heart shape (but it is pretty cute) but yes. Cheese pizza. If I never see another one in my life it won't be too much of a problem.

I don't know my weight which is pretty scary o.O I don't want to stand on the scale though. I am pretty sure it is a bit dodgy (me and dodgy scales hey? We seem to have flipping history.) I should check it out when my friend goes tomorrow. Yes I have been stuck with him for like God knows how many days now "/

I am cold. Like freezing. I think I may have finally commented on all your blogs too but I am not sure. I've been going at it for around 1 hour now. I don't want to say I have done it though and then somebody comment and say I forgot them. Right I seriously think I have commented on everything since I last posted. I think.

I need to change my doctors to one that is actually credible. I mean no offence but I have seen the daft twat like twice and he is such an arogant little twat. He should have stayed in precious India if he loved it so much (he's from somewhere in Manchester I think but did medicine out there. Besides the weather I see no reason to since we have great medical schools but *shrugs*) I liked my other doctor but all this one does is when I have a blood test, he'll send a letter saying come back in 2 months and then just do the same! He makes me so mad!!

I need a new dentist too. I didn't know they could take you off the patient list. I'm kinda confused because dim me doesn't know how you find a dentist lol. I always had an adult taking care of that. Guess I need to Google it ;) And here I thought being an adult was easy lol. I don't want to go though because the ED really has screwed my teeth up. Ugh. The idea of somebody yanking my teeth out is not pleasing me at all but the idea of doing nothing is not pleasing me either. "/ Pfft!

I should... do something else. Oh my gym membership isn't mine this month. My bank was a total arse and blocked everything from coming out of my account. And to be even more annoying they owe my over £400 from an overdraft [which never even occured and is illegal since I am not 18] but I have to go to the other side of flipping Leeds. Safe to say I is pretty pissed. Well not pissed enough to go and get it lol but still annoyed. Banks suck.

So in the words of Bruno Mars: You are amazing just the way you are :D

Take Care

Much love



  1. i love that song its so sweet.
    i know what you mean about having to do all those adult things, most of the times it seems too hard so i just don't do it. such a teriible attitude lol.
    hope your week gets better

  2. I agree with the pizza... its 100% impossible to eat one slice without wanting to die!
    My docter rules he knows that I have "issues" he just makes sure i stay out of danger land and take my vitamins. my dentist def knows.. lol but i gave him 2 grand i paid his car downpayment prolly so i dnt think the asshole minds lmao

  3. <3 You're funny. I like you.
    And, omg, whoever created heart shaped pizza, is trying to sabotage the world.

  4. Ahh yes. How I do not want to grow up and become an adult who has to schedule their own dentist and optometrist appointments.

    I am sorry about your doctor. honestly, I hate all doctors except for dr house. I think it is jusst because I have had some seriously rotten ones.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Good luck with the dentist! I'm in the same boat. :( Of course I need some cash-money before I can hit up the dentist, so that means my achy tooth shall just have to rot right out of my head. Google sounds good. I use Google to find everything. Or beg my mother to do it (and I'm 26 :D).