Sunday, 21 November 2010


:) Sarah: I like your idea :) It's either that or I will just spend it all on something whilst out haha. Danae: I was listening to The Silence by Alexandra Burke. Night flower: Haha I think we are proof you don't have to be old to lose things. My room gets like that. I have way too many clothes and shoes and things in general. It's all the make up and hair stuff that seems to take over. Holly: It is an addiction I guess isn't it? You either eat everything all the time or nothing at all. : English Rose: Gosh I feel you. Even when I am restricting to real low numbers sugary things are still what I eat. Haha I know that feeling. I've gone to the ground floor of apartments I live in and out the door and wondered "What am I doing out here?" MyLifeIsAnEpicFail: I hate money. It shouldn't be used but I guess we need it. My main thing is my bank is right near all the shops. It's annoying. Mich: Thanks! I've had an alright weekend :) Rosette: I've done it whilst texting. Can't quite say it's gone as far as when I am talking on the phone haha. Maybe it's because I don't call people often? In a very nerdy way I LOVE organizing things :P I reorganize things all the time. Bad habit. xx


  1. had a listen to that song, but not really my thing lol

  2. <3 <3 I hope you're well love, thank you so much for the lovely comments! You are so kind. :)
    Do keep well! Thinking of you, xxx