Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I am so tired. It's not something that happens too often at like 10pm. I think I might make a cuppa hot chocolate or something and watch tv in bed because I am yawning like mad.

I saw the new Iceland advert in the early hours of this morning. I thought I was tripping out since it was 5am haha. It's not something I initally laughed at or rather laugh at. It's a little bit of an "Oh dear Jason" moment. Gosh. I couldn't do that and I am a woman!! ;) Suspenders and the sort. Tsk tsk lol.

I've forgotten what I wanted to write. This is not good. Memory loss at 17 "/ But on a random note I have had Alexandra Burke's - The Silence on my iPod since I started watching TV at like 7pm. I don't normally like her music but the song is quite nice. Yup. I do love a big ballad over a CC song anyday :)

Since Friday I have been trying to get a picture of my hair because I dyed it a lovely shade of red (yay to redoing it every 2 weeks cos I love the brightness) and it's failing. I've left my lovely camera at my friends and my BlackBerry is just rubbish at capturing the red. It makes it look browner than it was before. I've tried the iPhone too and it's still pretty meh! Flipping phones. Gah. I'll get a picture at some point even if I have to wait until the next time I dye it. I'm a girl on a mission


I'm seriously loving this song! I picked up on the lyrics after 15 minutes. I love it when you can do that or relate to the lyrics. I do with this song quite a lot. I'm not sure my neighbour will appreciate my new current song to sing but he'll survive.

Today has been an iffy day with food. I think I have had around 920 calories. The downside is I still have food left that my friend bought earlier today and I just can't justify throwing it away. I mean I don't want to eat it but I am one of those people who hates wasting food. The sad thing is I am actually contemplating eating it. Why do I do this? Gosh I confuse myself 89% of the time. It's another 840 calories. Fml. I haven't even eaten it and feel bad : Wtf right? Ah well. I am not going to eat it no matter how bad I feel.


That is it for me. I am going to get ready to go to bed even though I know that when I get into bed I won't be able to sleep. I'll comment back to you people who commented on the last post when I wake up. By the way Alba your posts made me giggle when the notification came through to my phone :) hahaa.

PS: Does that who are you doing this for? thread always around on pt annoy any of you? I know it annoys me in a sense because it almost makes it sound like a choice. I don't know. Maybe I am just sensitive.

Good night anyway.
Take care
Much love


  1. Sorry I haven't seen your post :/ but I use to be like that with food, but I decided that I wouldn't matter, that I had to do what I had to do, and I would cover it up with lies later...

  2. Hi, I'm Night_Flower from PT (new to blogger lol :p) I've just started to follow your blog and I love it. :) I love it too when you can relate to lyrics of songs :)... which I guess explains why I listen to so much Evanescence! That thread on PT does annoy me a little bit but I guess other people might not mind so much... O.o
    I hope you're ok, :)
    Night_Flower x

  3. I can't wait to see how the red looks!!
    Its good that you are at least contemplating eating it.
    That post annoys me too
    stay strong

  4. You are such a cute little thing. All yawny. I just want to cuggle you.

  5. Can't wait to see your red hair!! It is hard to get red hair to come out good on a camera, for some reason. :/
    Hope you had a lovely night's sleep. <3

  6. It would be awesome to see you in red hair! however, when you make a camera shoot its quite impossible for a good camera to show up good effects. I hope you make a note of it. anyway, have a good night.