Monday, 15 November 2010

Back to Monday

My apartment is way too warm. Never did I think I'd say that but gosh I think I may just die. Put that with it's quite sunny outside (don't faint or anything lol) and yeah. The heat is annoying me. I have to go back to the doctors in December at some point for a FBC. Nice to wake up with that letter in front of the door on the floor. I don't see the point cos he'll just say come back in 2 months. He's a royal pain in the arse. I don't actually have much to say since it's only 1pm. I think I might just hang around at home today and catch up with things. Maybe I'll go on a blog finding spree on PT. Is it just me or is that site quiter these days? Maybe it's just me... Did anyone watch the fiX Factor last night? Okay Aiden wasn't my type of artist but oh my gosh! Seriously? How can they keep that weasel and kick him out? So not right! And Cheryl Cole looked like a flipping idiot. I find myself loving Danni lately and I couldn't stand either of them last year or the year before. Take Care Much Love xoXox


  1. i think pt's pretty quiet as well, i don't go on much these days

  2. PT is quieter I don't use it as much anymore
    take care

  3. <3 Thaaank you for your comment! I'm so looking forward to moving. Tim & I lay in bed last night whispering about our plans for where we will put stuff, what we'll have for our first meal, which bedroom we'll claim. I'm incredibly excited. <3
    And, haha, maybe it is time to turn the heat down.
    I'm cold all the time. I sleep with two dunas and a blanket over me, and it's nearly summer here. Or maybe it is summer. Oh I really should check.

  4. Ahaha Cheryl and her pet weasel! I can't believe I actually watch the X factor, it is such a load of bollocks... but addictive bollocks! :/ I wasn't keen on Aiden either, but there's no way he should have been the one to go. I actually felt sorry for the weasel though, it is so cruel to keep putting her through just to rub it in that noone will vote for her nomatter how much she 'tries', haha x

  5. why does my comment need appoval? Is it coz I used the 'b' word? lol xxx

  6. oh, no, it does that to every comment... ignore me! I came off PT meaning to go to sleep and came on here instead! xxx

  7. Yeah, PT is quieter. It's quite nice. :)
    Hhaha, love your comment about Cheryl Cole. But yeah, I like Danni as well!