Monday, 29 November 2010

About time!

I can finally get into this thing! Either blogger is screwed or my internet is a bit of a 'tard! My weekend has been pretty good. It's kind of weird to say that. Weekends are normally very rubbish but this one has been alright. I've done actually nothing apart from spending time on Facebook and Prettythin. Oh and I went out in the snow! It's really pathetic but it's sooo cute. I'm not sure I am keen on these - degree celsius temps but I can live with it as long as I get snow :P I just need to work on being more active. I know from either Thursday or Monday, not sure which, I am going back to my beloved gym :D So excited to finally get to go back and do something. I would go outside and run or something but I have already fallen on my ass once! I forgot how slippy that hill gets since water leaks from some pipe. Ouchie! I so do not want to fall in front of people. You never know whether to laugh or cry haha. I remember when I worked in the hospital and one of the nurses fell of the bus into a huge ass puddle. I had to walk the long way around the hospital to avoid laughing in her face. So evil but it was so funny. A 13 hour shift with that in mind isn't easy you know ;) I can't believe it's nearly December! Why hasn't anybody warned me? I still have a ton of christmas shopping to do. Oh and I still have to sort it out to get the £600 and something from my (forgotten the name) account I never really use. I really am lazy. I should do it this week... I'll do it Wednesday. I think I am going christmas shopping that day anyway so yeah. It should be simple. Ha! Getting money back from places these days is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! I have no idea what to buy people for christmas though. Plus I have so many parties and things coming up. Christmas doesn't mean a holiday anymore. It means time off work/school to get absolutely hammered! Last christmas I think I drank more alcohol than at any other time in my life! So many birthdays around christmas/new years too. God help the liver people! Anyway I hope you've all had a good weekend :) Much love Take care xoXox


  1. Good luck with all your Christmas shopping! Everyone in my family will be getting handmade gifts this year. I'm poor.

    Thanks for the lovely vlog comment. :D I'm glad you enjoyed my accent. I'm often told I have a weird accent that does not belong anywhere.


  2. enjoy christmas shopping! I think it is a waste of money tbh especially when in January things are all reduced so much in price! x

  3. I'm glad you've had a good weekend =) I can't believe it's nearly december either! O.o One of my friends has already put up all her Christmas decorations!! XD I've done most of my Christmas shopping already, but I still don't know what to get for a few people O.o Hope you're ok =) xx

  4. Haha god I feel the same...first thing I thought of when I thought of Christmas break was 1) no school & 2) can drink as much as I want because of the fact I have no school going on. Love it!!

    I hate cold weather!! But snow definitely makes it worth it :) where I'm from though it rarely snows, just gets freezing!