Thursday, 11 November 2010

11-11-10 aka Remembrance Day

I 'fess up that I sort of failed at spelling remembrance but oh well. RIP to all the guys that put their lives at risk fighting for a shitty world. It's unfair they are at war whilst Call me Dave and Nasty Nick are being total wankers but I guess that how it's 'goes'. Anybody else think that David Cameron actually needs to fix Britain before preaching to China? Actually every Prime Minister or President needs to sort out their own mess before bailing other countries and that out. Just a thought and all. I really want to study politics and run for leadership now. I could do better blindfolded and handcuffed and that is saying something!! And them muslims in London should be ashamed of themselves for protesting what they did. Absolutely disgusting and even more vile hiding behind their religion. I know some lovely muslims and they would never do that. Burning poppies and saying British Soldiers burn in hell. If we did that in Afghan or anything we'd be executed immediately. I can't stand people who hide behind a religion. Tbh they probably aren't even religious. They probably just like giving every practicing muslim a bad name and it gives people ammo to critise that religion and then the extremists get another oppurtunity to protest. Gah protest over in Afghanistan if you want things to change because it isn't Britains fault that the country if effed up. It's like Africa. Corrupt government. Will never change and I think people there have accepted that. Just stupid governments sticking their noses in where it doesn't belong. The war should end because lets face it... Russia didn't win the war in Afghanistan years back so why would a country like Britain or America? Anyway I should move on... I don't want to but I don't want to bore you with politics lol. I stood on the scales yesterday... All this binging and shit I gained around 7lbs. Gah shit blah! I expected gain but gosh that was a shock. Thankfully yesterday was on okay day. I had like... I can't remember. Under 550 I think. Today on the otherhand has been a binge fest. Maybe it is the period issue but I am looking like a pig and feeling like one. I don't even think I can stay online in this stupid weather. I can actually feel and hear my windows rattle from the wind and rain! I love but hate it. 'Tis freezing though and I am slightly scared to go to the vets in the morning if it is still this windy. The car won't have to use petrol haha ;) Wind power. CO2 admissions shall go down lol. So on that note Na'Night :) Take Care Much Love xoXox


  1. Haha, I really can't comment on all the politics. I have no idea about that stuff. :)
    But have fun with everything. Rainy weather can be so relaxing.
    Look after yourself, lovely.

  2. Ugh, I totally agree with you. I know a lot of great muslims, but really, just like any other religion, there are people who disgust me.
    Sorry about the gain, but you'll lose it in no time. Just stay with what you're doing, and you'll be fine. <3
    Stay Superstrong <3


  3. hahaha, I want to go to England. Trust me though, America is just as sillllyyy.

    I love listening to the wind and rain on a cold night. Ultimate cozy spot:
    In the car, riding home late at night in the rain and wind with my feet jammed up agains the heater and my blue blanket.
    Thats like a utopian society right there.

    Have lalala lovely day!

  4. I'm now following your blog, and i LOVE it.

  5. Ugh that's why I totally agree that we shouldn't get involved in other country's problems because then everything that happens after is OUR fault. I don't really know much about politics, but I'm pretty sure most countries would benefit from a dictatorship because people in general are stupid.
    Have a good weekend, hun!