Monday, 29 November 2010

About time!

I can finally get into this thing! Either blogger is screwed or my internet is a bit of a 'tard! My weekend has been pretty good. It's kind of weird to say that. Weekends are normally very rubbish but this one has been alright. I've done actually nothing apart from spending time on Facebook and Prettythin. Oh and I went out in the snow! It's really pathetic but it's sooo cute. I'm not sure I am keen on these - degree celsius temps but I can live with it as long as I get snow :P I just need to work on being more active. I know from either Thursday or Monday, not sure which, I am going back to my beloved gym :D So excited to finally get to go back and do something. I would go outside and run or something but I have already fallen on my ass once! I forgot how slippy that hill gets since water leaks from some pipe. Ouchie! I so do not want to fall in front of people. You never know whether to laugh or cry haha. I remember when I worked in the hospital and one of the nurses fell of the bus into a huge ass puddle. I had to walk the long way around the hospital to avoid laughing in her face. So evil but it was so funny. A 13 hour shift with that in mind isn't easy you know ;) I can't believe it's nearly December! Why hasn't anybody warned me? I still have a ton of christmas shopping to do. Oh and I still have to sort it out to get the £600 and something from my (forgotten the name) account I never really use. I really am lazy. I should do it this week... I'll do it Wednesday. I think I am going christmas shopping that day anyway so yeah. It should be simple. Ha! Getting money back from places these days is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! I have no idea what to buy people for christmas though. Plus I have so many parties and things coming up. Christmas doesn't mean a holiday anymore. It means time off work/school to get absolutely hammered! Last christmas I think I drank more alcohol than at any other time in my life! So many birthdays around christmas/new years too. God help the liver people! Anyway I hope you've all had a good weekend :) Much love Take care xoXox

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hello again

So how are you all? My day has been alright. Could have been better but I didn't rock out of bed until 1pm. Then again I didn't get too sleep until 8am since my friends upstairs neighbour has the feet of a flipping rhino! Don't you just hate noisy people? My eating today has been horrid though. I have eaten more than a pig today. I am pretty suprised I haven't sprouted ears and a tail ;) I shall keep a look out and report back if I do by tomorrow haha. Leeds must be the only place where it hasn't snowed. Correction a few pieces fell whilst I was out shopping but that wasn't even snow! It was a few white things. Everywhere else in Yorkshire has had snow but oh it has to skip Leeds. I have a vison. It involves everywhere in the UK getting snow bar Leeds. It'd be funny. It's practically the middle of the UK so it'd be kind of a giggle... 'Tis freezing though! 1 degree whilst I was out in town. My weight hasn't shifted in a week nearly either. It is so effing annoying. I miss the days of fasting and losing more than 5lbs in a week. These days it seems I can't go a week without b/p'ing. : La-di-fricking-da. ^^ That is my word of the day. Hope you've all had a good day and if you've had snow... I'm coming to your city!! ;)
Oh and I forgot! Here's a picture of me being a good person yesterday and donating blood :)
Much Love Take Care xoXox

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hii newbies

Long time no proper blog! I spent the weekend with friends so it would have been hard to hide writing and my excuse for yesterday was... I'll think of one by the time I have written this out ;) Hello new followers by the way too. Thought I'd be polite. I have actually been pretty busy these last 2 days. Simpily doing useless stuff but it's kept me busy and got my eating back in check. About time too. I mean I was probably only averaging 1000 or less for the past week or something but I hate feeling full and I really don't like eating that much. I had so much to write and my mind as gone completely blank. I should stop texting and surfing the net because it is distracting me badly! An advert has just come on TV and it totally reminded me I never saw Toy Story 3! I was meant to but never went. I want to see HP though but once the hype's died down. I heard about Dobby dying. It made me want to cry! I so did not want to read that on Facebook. Grr! I have read the last book but I didn't want it to play out on screen. Poor Dobby :'( I soo fail at blogging tonight. I haven't even thought of an excuse haha. I have to eat something tomorrow since I am donating blood. Only thing I hate is drinking all the water beforehand. And they don't let you leave unless you eat and drink. Nurses lol. I'll take my own water because I don't do the water they use. Yes I am so snobby ;) haha. I will only drink bottles water. Tap is a bit too... nasty to me. So that is my useless post of the day :) I'll be a bit more interesting tomorrow evening. Take Care Much Love xoXox

Sunday, 21 November 2010


:) Sarah: I like your idea :) It's either that or I will just spend it all on something whilst out haha. Danae: I was listening to The Silence by Alexandra Burke. Night flower: Haha I think we are proof you don't have to be old to lose things. My room gets like that. I have way too many clothes and shoes and things in general. It's all the make up and hair stuff that seems to take over. Holly: It is an addiction I guess isn't it? You either eat everything all the time or nothing at all. : English Rose: Gosh I feel you. Even when I am restricting to real low numbers sugary things are still what I eat. Haha I know that feeling. I've gone to the ground floor of apartments I live in and out the door and wondered "What am I doing out here?" MyLifeIsAnEpicFail: I hate money. It shouldn't be used but I guess we need it. My main thing is my bank is right near all the shops. It's annoying. Mich: Thanks! I've had an alright weekend :) Rosette: I've done it whilst texting. Can't quite say it's gone as far as when I am talking on the phone haha. Maybe it's because I don't call people often? In a very nerdy way I LOVE organizing things :P I reorganize things all the time. Bad habit. xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I really...

Wish I didn't have any money to buy food to binge on. I hate taking money out of the bank when I don't need it. It's annoying to have it laying around when I don't trust my self control. Gah. I need to distract myself. I'm off to read blogs soon :) and comment on PT/Facebook. I finally sorted out my wardrobe today. Took a while but I finally did it. I have so much stuff and have never realised it. But my room and things are all absolutely tidy and the right place and it feels so nice to be in an ordered bedroom. I am sure I will have to redo it again in a few weeks because I still have a lot of things to bring to mine from my friends house and I am pretty sure I have a few boxes at my uncles. I really do have too many things but oh wells :P Okay I have just spent 10 minutes looking for my earphones and they are in my ears connected to my iPod. I really am losing it. It's really not good to be forgetful at 17 years old. I ain't even a proper adult yet. Oh that song I was listening to the other day? I only stopped listening to it this evening. How sick is it being able to listen to the same thing over and over for 3 days?! Then again I've formed a liking for some of Leona Lewis's unreleased songs. How I do love music to take my mind off of things. I need to reply to comments... Maybe after I've done some reading :) Take care Much love xoXox

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I am so tired. It's not something that happens too often at like 10pm. I think I might make a cuppa hot chocolate or something and watch tv in bed because I am yawning like mad.

I saw the new Iceland advert in the early hours of this morning. I thought I was tripping out since it was 5am haha. It's not something I initally laughed at or rather laugh at. It's a little bit of an "Oh dear Jason" moment. Gosh. I couldn't do that and I am a woman!! ;) Suspenders and the sort. Tsk tsk lol.

I've forgotten what I wanted to write. This is not good. Memory loss at 17 "/ But on a random note I have had Alexandra Burke's - The Silence on my iPod since I started watching TV at like 7pm. I don't normally like her music but the song is quite nice. Yup. I do love a big ballad over a CC song anyday :)

Since Friday I have been trying to get a picture of my hair because I dyed it a lovely shade of red (yay to redoing it every 2 weeks cos I love the brightness) and it's failing. I've left my lovely camera at my friends and my BlackBerry is just rubbish at capturing the red. It makes it look browner than it was before. I've tried the iPhone too and it's still pretty meh! Flipping phones. Gah. I'll get a picture at some point even if I have to wait until the next time I dye it. I'm a girl on a mission


I'm seriously loving this song! I picked up on the lyrics after 15 minutes. I love it when you can do that or relate to the lyrics. I do with this song quite a lot. I'm not sure my neighbour will appreciate my new current song to sing but he'll survive.

Today has been an iffy day with food. I think I have had around 920 calories. The downside is I still have food left that my friend bought earlier today and I just can't justify throwing it away. I mean I don't want to eat it but I am one of those people who hates wasting food. The sad thing is I am actually contemplating eating it. Why do I do this? Gosh I confuse myself 89% of the time. It's another 840 calories. Fml. I haven't even eaten it and feel bad : Wtf right? Ah well. I am not going to eat it no matter how bad I feel.


That is it for me. I am going to get ready to go to bed even though I know that when I get into bed I won't be able to sleep. I'll comment back to you people who commented on the last post when I wake up. By the way Alba your posts made me giggle when the notification came through to my phone :) hahaa.

PS: Does that who are you doing this for? thread always around on pt annoy any of you? I know it annoys me in a sense because it almost makes it sound like a choice. I don't know. Maybe I am just sensitive.

Good night anyway.
Take care
Much love

Monday, 15 November 2010

Back to Monday

My apartment is way too warm. Never did I think I'd say that but gosh I think I may just die. Put that with it's quite sunny outside (don't faint or anything lol) and yeah. The heat is annoying me. I have to go back to the doctors in December at some point for a FBC. Nice to wake up with that letter in front of the door on the floor. I don't see the point cos he'll just say come back in 2 months. He's a royal pain in the arse. I don't actually have much to say since it's only 1pm. I think I might just hang around at home today and catch up with things. Maybe I'll go on a blog finding spree on PT. Is it just me or is that site quiter these days? Maybe it's just me... Did anyone watch the fiX Factor last night? Okay Aiden wasn't my type of artist but oh my gosh! Seriously? How can they keep that weasel and kick him out? So not right! And Cheryl Cole looked like a flipping idiot. I find myself loving Danni lately and I couldn't stand either of them last year or the year before. Take Care Much Love xoXox

Thursday, 11 November 2010

11-11-10 aka Remembrance Day

I 'fess up that I sort of failed at spelling remembrance but oh well. RIP to all the guys that put their lives at risk fighting for a shitty world. It's unfair they are at war whilst Call me Dave and Nasty Nick are being total wankers but I guess that how it's 'goes'. Anybody else think that David Cameron actually needs to fix Britain before preaching to China? Actually every Prime Minister or President needs to sort out their own mess before bailing other countries and that out. Just a thought and all. I really want to study politics and run for leadership now. I could do better blindfolded and handcuffed and that is saying something!! And them muslims in London should be ashamed of themselves for protesting what they did. Absolutely disgusting and even more vile hiding behind their religion. I know some lovely muslims and they would never do that. Burning poppies and saying British Soldiers burn in hell. If we did that in Afghan or anything we'd be executed immediately. I can't stand people who hide behind a religion. Tbh they probably aren't even religious. They probably just like giving every practicing muslim a bad name and it gives people ammo to critise that religion and then the extremists get another oppurtunity to protest. Gah protest over in Afghanistan if you want things to change because it isn't Britains fault that the country if effed up. It's like Africa. Corrupt government. Will never change and I think people there have accepted that. Just stupid governments sticking their noses in where it doesn't belong. The war should end because lets face it... Russia didn't win the war in Afghanistan years back so why would a country like Britain or America? Anyway I should move on... I don't want to but I don't want to bore you with politics lol. I stood on the scales yesterday... All this binging and shit I gained around 7lbs. Gah shit blah! I expected gain but gosh that was a shock. Thankfully yesterday was on okay day. I had like... I can't remember. Under 550 I think. Today on the otherhand has been a binge fest. Maybe it is the period issue but I am looking like a pig and feeling like one. I don't even think I can stay online in this stupid weather. I can actually feel and hear my windows rattle from the wind and rain! I love but hate it. 'Tis freezing though and I am slightly scared to go to the vets in the morning if it is still this windy. The car won't have to use petrol haha ;) Wind power. CO2 admissions shall go down lol. So on that note Na'Night :) Take Care Much Love xoXox

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Craziness but my craziness :)

I have like 5 windows open with 4 tabs open in each of them with all (most) of your blogs. I am lacking seriously with coming online. But here is to comments :) And hey newbies following :)
Last few days have been pretty... regular. Well for a normal person. For someone like me it's been my idea of hell.

^^ That has been the subject of most of the suffering. Okay not pepperoni and not in an heart shape (but it is pretty cute) but yes. Cheese pizza. If I never see another one in my life it won't be too much of a problem.

I don't know my weight which is pretty scary o.O I don't want to stand on the scale though. I am pretty sure it is a bit dodgy (me and dodgy scales hey? We seem to have flipping history.) I should check it out when my friend goes tomorrow. Yes I have been stuck with him for like God knows how many days now "/

I am cold. Like freezing. I think I may have finally commented on all your blogs too but I am not sure. I've been going at it for around 1 hour now. I don't want to say I have done it though and then somebody comment and say I forgot them. Right I seriously think I have commented on everything since I last posted. I think.

I need to change my doctors to one that is actually credible. I mean no offence but I have seen the daft twat like twice and he is such an arogant little twat. He should have stayed in precious India if he loved it so much (he's from somewhere in Manchester I think but did medicine out there. Besides the weather I see no reason to since we have great medical schools but *shrugs*) I liked my other doctor but all this one does is when I have a blood test, he'll send a letter saying come back in 2 months and then just do the same! He makes me so mad!!

I need a new dentist too. I didn't know they could take you off the patient list. I'm kinda confused because dim me doesn't know how you find a dentist lol. I always had an adult taking care of that. Guess I need to Google it ;) And here I thought being an adult was easy lol. I don't want to go though because the ED really has screwed my teeth up. Ugh. The idea of somebody yanking my teeth out is not pleasing me at all but the idea of doing nothing is not pleasing me either. "/ Pfft!

I should... do something else. Oh my gym membership isn't mine this month. My bank was a total arse and blocked everything from coming out of my account. And to be even more annoying they owe my over £400 from an overdraft [which never even occured and is illegal since I am not 18] but I have to go to the other side of flipping Leeds. Safe to say I is pretty pissed. Well not pissed enough to go and get it lol but still annoyed. Banks suck.

So in the words of Bruno Mars: You are amazing just the way you are :D

Take Care

Much love


Saturday, 6 November 2010


I almost forget to blog today! So bad. I haven't commented or read your blogs either but in my defence I am on my phone and don't actually know your blog addys :P I do promise to read them though. I don't even have much to blog about since I spent most of today just laid in bed. Yeah I really was that lazy! Until I went out with friends anyway. I can't wait until they all go back to work or college/university. It only seems to be party season right now and it's getting boring. [I've just spillt WKD into my glass of coca cola. Not too sure I want to drink that now :/] Anyway I'll do a longer update in the morning because the iPhone isn't the best phone to blog on. BB is easier to use for that purpose. And I'll comment/follow you all because I think I have some newbie followers. And I'll go on PT. Basically I'll go back to being an internet whore ;) Have a good weekend :) Take Care Much Love xoXox

Friday, 5 November 2010

I made it *waves*

Hii :)

I'm going to make a day of it tomorrow catching up with everybodies lovely blogs. I've missed out on a week of your lives :O

^ That made me sound a bit stalkerish. Be sure to lock your doors tonight ;] haha.

I'm currently sneezing like mad and being told to hurry up so we can go to Tesco. Classy right? Ah well, I still have to get a shower :P I have pushy friends.

It's bonfire night, isn't it? I'm asking you, yet getting ready to go to a fire. Genius. I, or rather we, are hopefully going to have an okay night. I am going to forget about annoying friends. I really do hate people who just don't shut up. I am quite nice to people, but gosh! Some people really make you want to hurt them. Especially one. I have never met anybody quite like her, and to be quite honest, I never wish to meet another one like her.

Um, I am quite sure I have other things to say...

Oh the first week of November as been an utter fail in all meanings of the word. Seriously. :| I don't know what is wrong with me. I do well for a month and then for a week or so it's like :@ I guess tomorrow is a new day like I tell everyone else.
Funny how you can give advice and help other people going through the same thing but never take your own advice. That truelly baffles me.

Anyway I should go and... wash my hair or some other thing. Here's to a good night out and then avoiding nights out for a few weeks. This time of year is so difficult for avoiding things don't you think?

Take Care
Much Love

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I'll be back

On PT and here and all that soon. I miss typing out my thoughts :) It sucks being really busy but I'll get back to it soon. So um... yeah. Take care xox