Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ahem... nothing important

I am stuck babysitting my 2 little cousins. I swear I kind of want to kill them. They want me to sing the Barney song however I do not know the 'clean' version of that. Plus it's nearly 2am. Well 1am with the clocks going backwards I think. Ahh time confuses me. It's been a fucked up day. Okay but fucked up in many ways. All I know is I want my idiotic (ain't I lovely to my 'family'?) aunt and uncle to pick my cousins up early though because I am not taking them to my other grandparents for their little Halloween party. I like my grandad(?) of some sorts (I don't keep up with my family tree to be quite honest. I was going to call him grandfather then but cos he's only in his 50's he prefers grandad. Actually I call him by his name since we are pretty much on first name basis) but his ex-wife is a doylem. I mean a proper eejit! I don't do family. Actually I don't do people in general. But the ex-wife is a reason I don't want to go. She's obsessive and not in a good way even though I'm not sure there can be a good way. But staying on track I want the kiddies gone by at least 2pm because... I have things to do. Of sorts anyway. I have plans at the least : But I see myself having to go to their party for an hour or so. Sweets, food and family. Not THAT is an horror movie plan!! We are currently watching some roulette program. (Ara)Bella and Rhi(annon) love it. They are sat/laid choosing the numbers. I currently hate it. I hate gambling. Still I want to choose a right number dammit! lol. It is a good thing I don't have a gun currently though. One would be right in thinking I would be quite dangerous ;) It's nearly November. Freaking November! I said I would be, no I AM going to be100lbs or less by Christmas. That is in... *pulls Blackberry out* 56 days including today. Crap. Ah I guess it's do or die trying right? I hate this rubbish. 56 days. Gah. Ah I'm bored. And hungry. And have my version of that Barney song in my head. Wtf right? I should go and put the terrors to bed. Happy Halloween by the way. Replies Lis: I know! English sucks in terms of essays. Especially when they are majorly long! xxx Bella: Funny that's Arabella's nickname. Anyway eek! I sort of feel for you. Though I think it's worse when you don't seem them too often because weight loss is easier to notice for people who aren't around you 24/7. xxx Got2 (Sounds a bit nicer than f*ckedup!) : Oh so you are like me then? I normally give myself a stupid amount of time to do an even more stupid amount of work. Ahh. You really aren't missing much with Facebook. I think it should be renamed a therapy group or something ;] xxx Mich: It is isn't it? Some people must have that thing about them that it is just not possible to lie to them. I have no conscience either. I am glad I live on the 7th floor away from trick or treaters haha. They can be mean :O Well I have a party later on Sunday with a bunch of friends and probably a kiddies Halloween party. Sugar, sugar, SUGAR overload! : xxx


  1. god you're brave, I couldn't stand barney songs... take care x

  2. I almost fell off my chair when I read "56 days til Christmas."
    Where has the year gone?!? Ah well, good riddance! 2010 kind of sucked from start to finish.

    Anything associated with Barney needs to be destroyed. I missed that craze, thank goodness (old fuddy duddy -_-), but Little Sis watched Barney and every time we went in the car we had to listen to the bloody Barney songs tape and I just wanted to throw myself in traffic.

    Hope you survive your family, and have an awesome Halloween!!!

  3. <3 family are there for us to have something to aim our distress at ;)

  4. Haha, this post made me smile,
    Stay strong, gorgeous.