Monday, 18 October 2010

That umm...

Rules thread on PT? The irony in that shit is hilarious. I mean it was tried before... Holy cow this is word for word reminding me of a convo with Got2Purge. I am quitely laughing at the irony. I swear one 'member' has more than 1 account on there. It wouldn't be a first if she is who I said she is. She pisses me off to the point I have to laugh or I would find a way to murder her! I have a really simple thing to sort things out:
  • Ignore people asking for tips.
  • Stop being bitches towards people.
  • Reply to what doesn't annoy you.
  • Ignore utter rubbish.
  • Ignore pictures when you hate them.
  • Don't think you are God.
  • Stop trying to change the site. Buy your freaking own if you want to do that. It's not pro, it isn't recovery, it isn't anything. It's what WE make it!
  • And last but not least... Smile!
  • (ps: Have a life outside that site. Little hint hey?)

Not that any of you lovely people do anything idiotic on that site. :)


  1. It freaks me out that people can do that; the whole fake account thing. So much so that I left PT, a few months ago, it wasn't the place it was when I first joined. I miss it, but I don't know, it creeps me out a little.
    But then again I get paranoid easily, haha. Caffeine, mhm.

  2. I know. It's creepy.
    I think a lot of people have left. I stay for the convo's haha but I don't think I could leave permenantly. A few days is alright but forever is too long a time.

  3. Ohhh hahaha. There's so much crap and drama on there, but it's so addicting! I doubt I could ever leave.

  4. HAHA!!! AAAH. You're amazing man. girl. yeah. you know what I mean ;]

  5. <3 this post! I hate the drama in the forums. But I just ignore it, and ignore posts that piss me off. Remember what our mummies told us? If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!! :D

  6. I agree with this. PT got so bad, I used to love it! I always see people using fake pictures, saying that it's them. What's even the point of that?