Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's that time of morning again...

3am. I should sleep or at least do something productive. I have a long day planned tomorrow aswell. Gah only on days I have to do something do I never sleep for at least a few hours. On another note don't you just hate people who delete you on Facebook then add you again saying you deleted them? I wouldn't accept if I did haha. Whilst on the note of Facebook don't you just hate attention seekers on there? I now remember why I have only been using Facebook lately for the games or reading stuff on the BlackBerry. I'm supposed to be at college tomorrow. I was meant to go in yesterday and monday too but I cba. It's not I don't want to do well, it's just I want to do something I actually like! SInce my tutor on this course left it a month before bothering to try and change my courses I have to wait until next September. I am not doing any shitty child care thing until then. I'd rather sign up to the Army. Why do I always complain? I've just noticed but I complain a lot on here but not in real life or even on PT! Earlier today though whilst out and about I saw this super cute guy. Gotta love living next to all the Uni students lol. (I'm going to attempt to be more positive this month so here's my first shot at it haha) I swear though I felt weak at the knees. Hot but just hot. Not an actual guy you would want to date for longer than a few months lol. Yes I'm coming to the end of my teen years (18 is the end right? I hope so!) and definitely don't do long, not even imaginary. Weird right? [I've just been looking at a friends profile picture on Facebook for like 5 minutes to work out what it was. It's lots of pictures of boobs put together. I feel pervy haha ;) Just thought I should tell you.] I should try and sleep. Long day and all. Plus need to be up early to straighten the hair. Not done it in a wee while lol. Trying not to damage it more with dying it and using heated products y'know? My hair does need cutting though but I am resistant because I've not once found an hairdresser who does something perfect. Maybe I am just a major perfectionist and have to have things how I want them? Either way it's my hair and if it looks horrible I can't just take it off like an ugly skirt haahaa. How are you all? I am aware I don't always reply to your lovely comments but you 66 people are absolutely lovely :) <3 M L xoXox


  1. Youuuu are lovely also :)
    Loving your newsy posts, you're good at finding things to talk about at 3 in the morning haha.
    Keep well darling!

  2. Hey lovely, Uni boys :) yup they are nice to look at. I love facebook but it seems like a popularity contest now every striving for more people talking on thier walls. but i'm always on there so i can't complain lol

  3. Is it only me that hardly ever uses FB anymore? I seem to have more spam on there than I do actual proper news.

    Mmmmm - actually - maybe I just need more mates :)

  4. Ugh FB is well over-rated. I do have more spam on my wall than anything "/ It is the first thing I go on when online though so I can't moan lol.