Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's becoming an habit

3am again. It's such an habit to write a blog at 3am for some reason. Whatever lol. I'll go with it.
First of all though I need to get a picture off of my BlackBerry to show you. How scary does that sky look? Thankfully it didn't rain until I got back inside. Phew! I'd have cried if it had of rained : Only cos my hair looked good for once hahaa.
I have a sort of challenge going on with a friend of mine and I just have to say (Since I am being positive and all) I am going to kick your ass!! ;) After all I do have over a month to do so and am wayy too competitive...
I haven't been on PT properly in a while. I should take time out to do so. Thing is it annoys me sometimes but I want to talk to people soo... I'm motivating my bum when I wake up to go on and reply to people because I seem to ignore all but a few comments on my page. I know. I'mma a bitch. I do like commenting on the forums. I spend too long in there though because come on. Have you seen how many posts I have?! I think only Prom Queen has more o.O So sad haha. And I semi miss some drama. Life is a lil dull without laughing at a fool ;) I am evil I know.
There is a girl on there that has posted pictures with the most amazing red hair. If you could steal hair I would already have hers haha :D
Anyway I should go and workout or something. Actually I'll do that when Police Interceptors comes on at 4am-ish. Shh no judging what I watch on TV lol.
Did you all have good Wednesdays?


  1. yeah you have a ton of posts.. so does prom queen though! lol I barely have time to do blogs! AHHHGG

  2. Haha, it looks like armageddon!! I love when the sky gets fun like that.
    I hardly ever go on PT anymore. It went through a weird phase a while back, where it seemed like there were more trolls than usual. -_-

    Police Interceptors sounds like Cops, which is one of the best shows ever. Yay for all-night marathons. :D


  3. What is PT? Am I being thick! :)