Saturday, 9 October 2010

In 52 minutes

I will be on day 2 of not binging. And day 2 of a fast. And on day 1 of going back to the gym... Okay the latter is going to be later on Sunday but ya know ;) I was meant to go today but I didn't sleep until 11am and woke up at 2ish. By the time I got ready it would have been too late since the gym I go to closes at 4pm on a Saturday. Weird I know. So Sunday it is. First day of a new week and all :) On PT (I know I went on it!! Still on it actually... Btw there is some proper idiots on there especially the wannabe trolls...) on this mission thing I do one of my goals is to be more positive. To write down something on here or in my journal something that made me smile or laugh etc. So I am going to stick to that and do it daily :) Gosh this is probably tmi but I am sick of peeing. It's so annoying to get up every 5 monutes. It's like the workout I didn't get this afternoon haha. I think I am going to attempt some units of coursework. I need to catch up on homework plus work we never finished in class. I hate this rubbish lesson. Aha I am actually laughing at this Donny and Marie Osmond thing. I shouldn't admit that. It's kind of lame but that can be my positive thing for today :) Hope you are all having a good weekend. I'm going to download more music for my iPod. M L xoXox


  1. good job with the fast and getting your workout on! thats not tmi btw.. i hate that feeling to... at least you're hydrated!

  2. Haha. I love it when I 'hold' it for so long and then the relief when I FINALLY go for a piss...uhumm, anyway.
    oh wow, I cannot believe I just wrote that. lol.

    Good luck with the fast.
    And you already know my views on pt ;]. but i do still like it a lot. i'll get back to comments soon btw.

    I ended up not updating my ipod =/. hopee it goes to plan for you ;]

    take care,xo..

  3. Oh gosh that 'hold' it comment made me giggle. lol.

    Yup I know your views and you've probably had enough of mine on the site ;) I do like it though.

    Ha! Same here. It's 3am though. It's early still lol ;)


  4. Haha, you make me smile Kristina!!! :)
    I like the idea of being positive. It sounds lovely.

  5. Haha, oh I think you just gave a lot of us something to remember for the day, or night. Alone in my room, near midnight, giggling; yeahh maybe weird, but looking positively? It's lovely, and actually, less lonesome.
    Keep smiling lovely girl!

  6. Good luck with the fast!! I'm fasting with you - ate way too much this weekend!