Thursday, 14 October 2010

I got lost inside your eyes

I feel half dead or something. I need a regular sleeping pattern because I'm not quite sure it fits into my life to go to sleep in the morning or afternoon for 3 hours. Insomnia is a bitch. I didn't blog yesterday did I? It was a long day but I was just too unmotivated to go online once I had done everything. Today has been really long too. I don't seem to do short days anymore haha. I ended up going to college today for some reason unknown to myself (don't have to be in this week/next week or the week after for that matter. I is bored.) with my friend let's call her C and another guy I don't know well and I've forgotten his name. He wasn't too memorable to be honest. Harsh right? Oh well he'll live. It wasn't too bad though. I ended up picking up some more units to complete whilst I ain't there. I'm not back until the 1st :D That is sheer happiness on my part because it gives me time to try and find something else to do instead of this course. I cannot do an apprenticeship/BTEC in child care for a full year. Well until next June or something daft. I can't believe how much work she gave me though. And the first 3 weeks that nobody did. Umpt! I should join up to the Army and be happy :P We was having a political debate over 'lunch'. I say lunch but we was just drinking coffee in the college coffee shop. Lucky us huh? :) They was all talking bull voer this and that and it was clear that they've probably heard one or two things on the radio or news and decided to start a debate. It was funny if you was listening in on it. I've always wondered why people bring up politics or try and debate it. Especially when they didn't vote and then go onto complain. That really bugs me! Like everyone complains about the Consevatives and Lib Dems but 50% of the people that do voted for them. You should know how both parties work if you are voting for them. The Conservatives are all about rich people and the sort and David Cameron (I feel I have violated my blog by putting his name in it lol) is just plain stupid in my opinion. He's very stuck up George Osbornes arse (sorry again blog for mentioning another idiot) it's hard to tell where David ends and George starts! And Nick Clegg is just a sell out. Gosh I do hate discussing politics. It's in the same league has religion. You'll never get anybody to agree on it. But I do prefer David Milliband over Ed. Maybe it's just because of his name. Ed. Yeah. He is very sarcastic though especially to David Cameron so we'd be best friends haha. The day wasn't too good with food though. Pretty blah but not the worst at all so it's not too bad right now. Still pretty tired though. I need serious sleepers to knock me out for a few days. Maybe weeks/months? Would make not eating easier ;) Well I hope you all have a good weekend :) (just incase I ain't online tomorrow (= ) M L xoXox

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