Sunday, 10 October 2010

[I didn't name it]

It's 10-10-10 for another minute. Kind of cool. I feel sort of emotionless lately. Not much seems to affect me which probably isn't the best thing but meh. Have you noticed everyone seems to have a date they want to be at their GW or a certain month or whatever? I am no exception but what happens after that day? I've never done anything differently the day after reaching a GW. Am I the only one or just slightly boring? I didn't do much today. I've spent most of the day listening to all the music I finally downloaded this morning. (After 7am lol) Once I started I couldn't stop :) I went to the gym too albeit for 15 minutes. For some reason the junior gym was on which it normally isn't and it's just impossible to do much apart from wait for them to fall off the treadmill. Seriously try not laughing at that ;) haha! Evil yes but entertaining. Was it Mich or Bella fasting? Mmm... I'll check. It was Mich. At least I remember names. Good luck with your fast. It's over here in the UK thank goodness. Hope you've had decent weekends ...Back to random internet surfing and music... M L xoXox


  1. 10-10-10
    Or in Roman numerals, XXX.
    Happy porn day!!

  2. i think you are wonderful- yeah i have a date that i want to be my UGW but its just something for me to work towards i doubt i will change once i hit that number...
    what music are u listening to?

  3. Having an UGW makes me feel important, and as though I have some purpose in life. Hahaha.

  4. Yeah. Maybe you need rewards for reaching a goal weight? But I do wonder what happens once we reach an UGW...

  5. Lola: happy porn day lol. You have no idea how much that made me chuckle reading that when it came through on my phone :P xx

    I think it's just that feeling... what nexy y'know? Like sometimes when you read stuff in blogs or on PT people sound like they will suddenly be happy once they hit a certain number. I know they won't but I want to know if it's true.

    Bella: You are important without being a number :) xx

    BellaAna: Well so are you :) and yeah I get that. You won't be a different person like that *clicks fingers* but it would be lovely haha. Very random music. It goes from Carrie Underwood to Greenday to Barlowgirl. xx

    Sarah: See I do set rewards but I never follow through with them lol. <3