Monday, 4 October 2010

I can't think of a title

I got woken up super early by my friend. Only now after like months has she decided to start planning her wedding. I know right? She makes the most noise in the entire world. I swear I was only thinking it but I ended up shouting "Just because you are awake does not mean everyone else is!" That was just before 7am. She brushed it off and I laughed when I got in the shower thinking it over.
We saw some absolutely stunning dresses and such but to be quite honest she isn't the type of girl to wear a dress. But oh my gosh it made me totally want to own a bridal shop! God the dresses are just... works of art. I loved them! We ended up having lunch out where a few other people joined us and the little restaurant type of thing was so cute and quint. It did Quorn food! I almost fell to the floor in shock at discovering that. I so have a new favourite place to eat out at now. I had a few fries and spicy chicken. Even though it wasn't a huge porton I asked for I left pretty happy and full.
Oh oh major shocker. Hold onto your seats... it didn't rain again! Like that is amazing here right now haha. It was sunny :O Told you it was shocking haha. So I have had a nice day in all. And a 2 hour afternoon/evening nap. I've not done that in a while so that was nice.
I think the rest of my day I am going to spend finishing things up and I will get on the exercise bike. October is definitely the month for me to start pushing myself.
Here are a few pictures to make you smile this Monday :)
This is a neighbours cat at my aunts though we've semi stolen it haha. We named it black lady.
This is my other aunties cat called Gizmo. She has the hugest black eyes when not sat on the window ledge.
They are my babies. How cute right? Patch and Snowey. Vey much the camera whores!
Snowey again. Who was it that wanted proof she was a camera whore??!
This was such an unusual pose from Patch. So adorable. He's a big fat softie and always needs loving! :D


  1. I love the kitties!! So cute! What muffins. :D

  2. Sounds like a lovely day.
    I adore the pictures of the kittehhhs!

  3. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  4. yea push yourself for greatness. I wish i liked cats.. i do but i love doggies more. October is an amazing it!