Saturday, 16 October 2010

Families, Friends and Me = *flatline*

It's my cousins birthday today. She is... umm... 19? Wow she still looks younger than me! Albeit she has a kid and I don't. We don't really see each other much so we didn't have anything planned. I did say happy birthday to her on facebook though. Only thing I seem to do there... or play games... it should be called GameBook... yeah I'm rambling now haha. I spent most of today with my friends and ex. We must have walked the entire length of Britain throughout the day! It was painful. We ate a ton though :/ Well I did. They ate their own ton :P Kind of annoying since all week has gone well apart from today and yesterday. I think my friends have that ability to make me eat... I can't blame them though... at least not to their faces. But I think everyone has that one person they hate going against and mine is unfortunately the ex : They were planning my 18th. I'm kind of scared I won't be able to walk home haha xD All they were talking about is alcohol and it should be a long weekend. My 18th birthday is on a Sunday by the way. Boring right? but I don't want to plan my birthday. It's 3 months away. I have loads of time. X factor is on tonight. It's not my thing this year though I do love Mary and Belle Amie? I dunno if that is their name but they sound really cute. I don't dig Cheryls hair though. Red (though to be honest so does brunette) makes her look like she never left the council estate in Newcastle (no offense to anyone who might live in one.) I think she is pretty but nothing extravagant. She looks likes millions of girls who go clubbing every weekend in my opinion. And the malaria thing... please! Just shut up about it. Okay I've gone off on a mini rant about Cheryl Cole but I would respect her more if she attempted to sing and not dance and never spoke about Ashley or malaria again. Right I'll stop in 2 mintutes ;) I hate how Simon agrees with her too or she agrees with him. Don't they have their own minds? And I don't like Cher or Katie either. Can you say OTT drama Queens? Meow! Back to the X Factor. I used to like Rebecca but Cheryl has changed her wayy too much. Same with Trayc (her name spelt that way bugs the ocd part of me) She gives them typical ballads and songs that people like Whitney and Tina would sing. She did it with Alexandra too. She in a way stereotypes her acts. That's my opinion anyway. And she has the same BlackBerry has me. Not sure if that is good or bad... One more thing, what is Wagner? Or Vagner? I think it's Wagner but pronounced Vagner. He is umm... an individual to say the least. Umm so yeah... I seem to be talking about everything right now but what I intended to write about which was... I have no idea. Oh well cuppa coffee and tv night for me :) M L xoXox

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