Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I will get around to commenting and readin your blogs. Honestly. I feel I missing something since I haven't but I can't be bothered right now. How bad right? At least I am honest though. I went on TinyDreams a little while ago. It's pretty nice actually. I might make a go of going on often-er if that is even a word (I know it isn't.) I did go on PrettyThin too but it's lost something. I don't know what but it's... different. I need to stop moaning about this site. I really do. We all know it is changing. Anyway moving on. It's so nice to type again. I sort of miss not typing. Sad huh? No actually I miss not writing everything that is in my head. Or rather what isn't in it. But time away from all this has probably done me good. I have so much I want to say but so little words to say it in. And I have so much to do it's quite unreal : I think I will post again tonight when I don't have things to do. Hope you guys are enjoying today. We've got sun *shriek!* it's windy enough to blow me to Oz though!! And freezing cold. Much love xoXox


  1. thanks for that little mention in your last post.
    i feel like a celeb.

    for some reason, I have this ong in my head now-

    anyway...haha. hope you're enjoying the sun.
    I'm not sure how the weather ius where I am. that sounds really stupid...haha. either way, i'm always freezing so for me it's always winter.

    take care and smileee.

  2. Eek, I hate the wind. I'm just too weak to stand against it, haha.
    <3 Good to hear from you lovelyyy :)
    x Take care.