Tuesday, 12 October 2010


So them minors are finally getting out of that mine huh? I hope they get out fine. Not sure why I am writing about the news but hey they do deserve to get out of that place. Random : I'm currently looking up shades of pink for my bedroom. I love how when I plan to decorate one room I want to paint all of them haha. though to be fair I do have the paint from ages ago to do my bathroom. White is so boring on it's own throughout an house. I like the idea of a black and electric blue living room but I wouldn't do it. Nice thought though :) The way this guy is talking on QVC is like he is going to have an orgasm from selling tacky shit! Such a weird little man "/ Some of the things he is selling... I have seen more expensive stuff in the pound shop xD hehe. My good news for today is that since Saturday I am down 4.2lbs and finally out of the dreaded 130's :D Now to get out of the 120's haha. You had to know that was coming. It did make me smile though which can be my good thing for the day.


  1. Congrats, hun!

    I love picking out colours for rooms! What kind of pink are you doing? White is boring. Mum has the whole house sterile white (except my room, which is violet and turquoise). I want to do new colours, but I'm too lazy to move all my stuff...

  2. <3 Keep smiling darling.
    Thank you for commenting on my posts, you are what made me smile.

  3. Decorating is a good time ;), seriously, I love it. Aha, and if I paint one room I wanna do them all too :p. Congrats on being out of the 130s!

  4. Gah you lucky little monster.. 120's... Idk if i'm in there or not, i'm too fkn chicken to hop on the scales. But congrats sweetie! Btw I used to have and ALL pink room. It was called cinderella pink, and I loved it! It was always cheery and when the sun came it, it felt like cotton candy :)
    xoxox thanks for the support babe ;)

  5. Ohhh yes. I was so excited while they were coming out! I was watching some of it live over the internet. :)
    Haha, there are some VERY strange people out there!
    Congrats on hitting the 120s. That's awesome. I'm so proud of you, beautiful.