Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Confessions of a Barbie doll

Does anyone ever wake up starving? I haven't before but lately... oh my gosh. I'm nom nom nom mad! It's quite bad actually. Maybe it's because I have tried changing my sleeping pattern. I force myself to go to bed before midnight, don't sleep until 2 and then am up at 6am. I should go back to sleeping at some time after 5am like normal. I was never hungry then. Back to writing. I babysat my little cousins yesterday. Laila-Grace is 1, Arabella is 4... 5? I'm not sure actually but she's cute and Rhiannon is (holy crap I have to think now) I don't know. I think 8 or 9. Bad cousin alert well I get called auntie since I am nearly 18. But me and Laila's mum Jaydine my older cousin (confusing isn't it?) and David was babysitting until like 7am this morning then they went to school. We spent the entire day being total girls. Make up, nails, dressing up, watching Barbie and playing with the dolls... embarrassingly enough my dvds/videos and Barbie dolls. I've not thrown them out or even thought about giving them away but shhh! Only on here would I admit that... it was fun actually. I enjoyed that more than eating all the rubbish I did :( I hate binging. Even more so when you can't purge. : David gave me his cold. I can't stop sneezing and my nose is blocked. I always sound more British than ever when I am kind of ill. Sounds weird but it's true. He is currently cooking lunch. Gosh... I've definitely gone back over 130... my apartment smells of food now. It rarely does that since me and my cooker aren't too acquainted lol ;) We have already had cheese toasties of a sort though. Food overload. He's cooking... why did we break up again? I swear I see more of him now and spend more time with him since breaking up with him than I did when I was with him. *shrugs* I really hate writing the blog in the morning because I have the rest of the day to go and miss half of it out since I go to bed before writing another one. Another reason I need to go back to the old sleeping pattern and stop trying to change it. I haven't been doing my positive thing at the end of blogs have I? Um... well for yesterday it was I spent time having fun. With kids. legal fun of course ;] Things regarding kids and me today are coming out... wrong! Hope you are all okay. And for a positive start to the day... name one thing you LOVE. It can be anything. M L xoXoc


  1. I love babysitting my niece--gives me an excuse to break out all the old toys and play with them. Every weekend she comes over, and we play with the My Little Ponies....

    I usually wake up so hungry I actually feel sick. I drink my cup of tea and have my turkey bacon, and that helps trick the hunger into going away for a while.


  2. Your cousins have beautiful names, you know.
    Weird compliment... Lol.
    <3 I love, that I can feel so close to everyone here, to anyone who comments and supports, to all of you guys, without even meeting you.

    PS I wake up starving, and it takes forever to get back to sleep- it's the most frustrating feeling in the world.


  3. Ooh, I love babysitting my little cousins. It's so much fun!
    Look after yourself, gorgeous.