Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blurry days

From Wednesday till well last night I wish I could have them days back. They was wasted doing complete rubbish. Well they have had some good points in them but there has been way too much bad to equally weigh it out. Good
  • I spent time with friends.
  • I did too much walking. Yes there is such a thing.
  • Eating was minimal.
  • .... I spent less time online?


  • I didn't have my phone charger.
  • It was freezing.
  • I was like just under 2lbs away from starting October in the 120's.
  • I couldn't get into my house.
  • My bank card got taken along with money/house keys by my mate.
  • I couldn't/can't access my bank account.
  • I had 4-5 hours sleep?

There are several other things but I don't want to turn October into a misery. It's freaking October. Oh gosh. Halloween soon :D I do love watching horror movies and being with my friends. Fun! This year is going insanely fast in my opinion. I'm attempting to blog but I have no motivation or anything remotely interesting to put in without it being depressing or something lol.

I will say though it is way too cold right now. Can't you tell Britain is heading into winter though to be honest I think we stay in winter mode for approximately 11 months of the year and the other month it is rain season haha xD

Hope you are all well.




  1. omg 120's! love them! (until I'm in there then I want 110's) he he he
    Sorry about your bank card! Did you report it to your bank?
    Ooo since it's chilly like a Popsicle then it means you MUST buy a fabulous new coat.. winter is the best excuse for buying clothes!

  2. Was missing your posts!
    Keep well, keep warm :) xx

  3. This year is going insanely fast, right?? It's also been insanely bad, so I'm not complaining.

    I'll take winter and rain over our summers!! It's finally cold out!!! :D I took out my winter blankets last night and threw open all my bedroom windows. I love the cold.

    Have a good week, hun!