Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ahem... nothing important

I am stuck babysitting my 2 little cousins. I swear I kind of want to kill them. They want me to sing the Barney song however I do not know the 'clean' version of that. Plus it's nearly 2am. Well 1am with the clocks going backwards I think. Ahh time confuses me. It's been a fucked up day. Okay but fucked up in many ways. All I know is I want my idiotic (ain't I lovely to my 'family'?) aunt and uncle to pick my cousins up early though because I am not taking them to my other grandparents for their little Halloween party. I like my grandad(?) of some sorts (I don't keep up with my family tree to be quite honest. I was going to call him grandfather then but cos he's only in his 50's he prefers grandad. Actually I call him by his name since we are pretty much on first name basis) but his ex-wife is a doylem. I mean a proper eejit! I don't do family. Actually I don't do people in general. But the ex-wife is a reason I don't want to go. She's obsessive and not in a good way even though I'm not sure there can be a good way. But staying on track I want the kiddies gone by at least 2pm because... I have things to do. Of sorts anyway. I have plans at the least : But I see myself having to go to their party for an hour or so. Sweets, food and family. Not THAT is an horror movie plan!! We are currently watching some roulette program. (Ara)Bella and Rhi(annon) love it. They are sat/laid choosing the numbers. I currently hate it. I hate gambling. Still I want to choose a right number dammit! lol. It is a good thing I don't have a gun currently though. One would be right in thinking I would be quite dangerous ;) It's nearly November. Freaking November! I said I would be, no I AM going to be100lbs or less by Christmas. That is in... *pulls Blackberry out* 56 days including today. Crap. Ah I guess it's do or die trying right? I hate this rubbish. 56 days. Gah. Ah I'm bored. And hungry. And have my version of that Barney song in my head. Wtf right? I should go and put the terrors to bed. Happy Halloween by the way. Replies Lis: I know! English sucks in terms of essays. Especially when they are majorly long! xxx Bella: Funny that's Arabella's nickname. Anyway eek! I sort of feel for you. Though I think it's worse when you don't seem them too often because weight loss is easier to notice for people who aren't around you 24/7. xxx Got2 (Sounds a bit nicer than f*ckedup!) : Oh so you are like me then? I normally give myself a stupid amount of time to do an even more stupid amount of work. Ahh. You really aren't missing much with Facebook. I think it should be renamed a therapy group or something ;] xxx Mich: It is isn't it? Some people must have that thing about them that it is just not possible to lie to them. I have no conscience either. I am glad I live on the 7th floor away from trick or treaters haha. They can be mean :O Well I have a party later on Sunday with a bunch of friends and probably a kiddies Halloween party. Sugar, sugar, SUGAR overload! : xxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

[No title]

Last Night
Last night I went out with a couple of friends to Tiger Tiger. You only have to be 18 so I was only slightly lying lol. Well half of us were only slightly lying. I hear you have to be 21 to go to Tiger Tiger in London I think it is? Wicked people lol. It was quite fun though. There was a point though where I almost in a sense wanted to spill every little thing about me that they didn't know (David and Jay who I don't even know well) I have no idea why but it was really weird. I just ended up getting another drink with Alexx.
It was such a strange feeling though because I have never, ever felt like that. And nope it wasn't the alcohol because I am not the type to open up about everything once drinking. I hope this doesn't repeat itself. Especially not on Sunday. You can shoot me if I blog and say I have lol.
After we'd had enough of the place, we went (me and 4 others - we always seem to end up in a odd numbered group for some reason) to my friend Charlie's. That isn't her full name, just a nickname but ya know. I think we ended up staying there until some time after 2am just drinking, chatting and playing Guitar Hero. Yes we are big kids lol. It was fun though but I feel... sort of disconnected from my friends for some reason.
Eating Disorders do suck in terms of effing things up with people right?
Me and Ali ended up crashing at her dads. I must say we didn't choose the smart thing because I live closer to Charlie and then Ali lives 20 minutes or so away (sober walking of course haha). Not too smart are we?
So Today Obviously ;)
Reading Mich's blog I think it was reminded me of what my friends dad said to me early this morning. I hate mornings because I have never slept. That and it's too bright. Vampire alert.
Back to the story. But oh my gosh my friends brother was just on the news! Regional news anyway. He's called Kevin... Why am I telling you this? They was talking about when they was out in Afghanistan. I need to stop writing out my random thoughts. You guys will get confused.
Right so back to the story! He in a sense played a concerned parent (my friends dad that is incase you are sort of lost by my confusing writing) asking lots of questions and things. I don't think he wanted to give that impression but yeah. That is the one I got. I find it really hard to lie to him. I have no idea why but I think we all have at least 1 person who it really kills us to lie to. My family don't have that effect. Hell I could lie all day long to them and not even give it a first thought never mind a second one. But that is something I bloody hope I never have to do anytime soon. Ugh. The scary thing is I'm a pretty great liar :/
So today has been pretty mixed really. Oh and Got2/F*ckedUpAppendix, whichever you prefer... I googled my name and well these are the pictures I got back...
A couple of eating disordered people, models, Tyra Banks, 2 yummy pictures of Jared Leto... and a few other weird pictures. I pretty much get thinspiration back when I google my PT name.
I should get on with my English Essays... English. Pfft. I hate it. I don't even know why I am doing it since I am leaving the course. Maybe I'll be a rebel and just 'forget' about it. On a little side note though why do people on Facebook put their walls on private but not their photos?? I'm kind of puzzled on that one lol.
Hope you guys are having a good day. Do any of you have anything planned for Halloween on Sunday?
Much Love

A reminder to me

I'm going to read your lovely blogs and comment. If I don't comment... you have permission to cyber kick my arse! ;) Much Love

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I will get around to commenting and readin your blogs. Honestly. I feel I missing something since I haven't but I can't be bothered right now. How bad right? At least I am honest though. I went on TinyDreams a little while ago. It's pretty nice actually. I might make a go of going on often-er if that is even a word (I know it isn't.) I did go on PrettyThin too but it's lost something. I don't know what but it's... different. I need to stop moaning about this site. I really do. We all know it is changing. Anyway moving on. It's so nice to type again. I sort of miss not typing. Sad huh? No actually I miss not writing everything that is in my head. Or rather what isn't in it. But time away from all this has probably done me good. I have so much I want to say but so little words to say it in. And I have so much to do it's quite unreal : I think I will post again tonight when I don't have things to do. Hope you guys are enjoying today. We've got sun *shriek!* it's windy enough to blow me to Oz though!! And freezing cold. Much love xoXox

Monday, 25 October 2010

hey guys

No posts in a few days. I broke my laptop charger. Correction... my beautifully named cousins did. I'm getting a new one on Wednesday though so that'll be all sorted. Irony in this entire thing is my friend sorted the wires out on the charger and now my dongel (dongal?) doesn't want to work. Bloody 3 connect! So I haven't read any of your lovely blogs :( I do need to read at least Got2's blog because it's always cool (not that everyone elses isn't...) it's a moral thing. I've know her longest haha! I will read them all though soon I promise... as soon as I have a chance to scream at a 3 representitive ;) I see PT is still being a dope... I can't be arsed checking that out today. I don't need the added drama from there too. That site is changing or maybe I am? Who knows right? I have so much to write but not enough time. That and my fingers are frozen. You see I am in McDonalds with my friend because she wants to use their free wi-fi to do her Uni work and I want to talk to you lovelies :) and since my aunt is the manager here it's wocked. Free drinks and wi-fi. Could it be any better? Haha. So ello :) I hope you are having a good week so far. Much love xoXox

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Confessions of a Barbie doll

Does anyone ever wake up starving? I haven't before but lately... oh my gosh. I'm nom nom nom mad! It's quite bad actually. Maybe it's because I have tried changing my sleeping pattern. I force myself to go to bed before midnight, don't sleep until 2 and then am up at 6am. I should go back to sleeping at some time after 5am like normal. I was never hungry then. Back to writing. I babysat my little cousins yesterday. Laila-Grace is 1, Arabella is 4... 5? I'm not sure actually but she's cute and Rhiannon is (holy crap I have to think now) I don't know. I think 8 or 9. Bad cousin alert well I get called auntie since I am nearly 18. But me and Laila's mum Jaydine my older cousin (confusing isn't it?) and David was babysitting until like 7am this morning then they went to school. We spent the entire day being total girls. Make up, nails, dressing up, watching Barbie and playing with the dolls... embarrassingly enough my dvds/videos and Barbie dolls. I've not thrown them out or even thought about giving them away but shhh! Only on here would I admit that... it was fun actually. I enjoyed that more than eating all the rubbish I did :( I hate binging. Even more so when you can't purge. : David gave me his cold. I can't stop sneezing and my nose is blocked. I always sound more British than ever when I am kind of ill. Sounds weird but it's true. He is currently cooking lunch. Gosh... I've definitely gone back over 130... my apartment smells of food now. It rarely does that since me and my cooker aren't too acquainted lol ;) We have already had cheese toasties of a sort though. Food overload. He's cooking... why did we break up again? I swear I see more of him now and spend more time with him since breaking up with him than I did when I was with him. *shrugs* I really hate writing the blog in the morning because I have the rest of the day to go and miss half of it out since I go to bed before writing another one. Another reason I need to go back to the old sleeping pattern and stop trying to change it. I haven't been doing my positive thing at the end of blogs have I? Um... well for yesterday it was I spent time having fun. With kids. legal fun of course ;] Things regarding kids and me today are coming out... wrong! Hope you are all okay. And for a positive start to the day... name one thing you LOVE. It can be anything. M L xoXoc

Monday, 18 October 2010

That umm...

Rules thread on PT? The irony in that shit is hilarious. I mean it was tried before... Holy cow this is word for word reminding me of a convo with Got2Purge. I am quitely laughing at the irony. I swear one 'member' has more than 1 account on there. It wouldn't be a first if she is who I said she is. She pisses me off to the point I have to laugh or I would find a way to murder her! I have a really simple thing to sort things out:
  • Ignore people asking for tips.
  • Stop being bitches towards people.
  • Reply to what doesn't annoy you.
  • Ignore utter rubbish.
  • Ignore pictures when you hate them.
  • Don't think you are God.
  • Stop trying to change the site. Buy your freaking own if you want to do that. It's not pro, it isn't recovery, it isn't anything. It's what WE make it!
  • And last but not least... Smile!
  • (ps: Have a life outside that site. Little hint hey?)

Not that any of you lovely people do anything idiotic on that site. :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday mornings

I am currently watching Wife Swap USA. Very weird people. Seriously. I'm not in the least regular but even I cannot express how weirded out I am by these people. I am also getting rid of them annoying little things that people send you on Facebook. I have too many and it is bugging me. I don't play half of the gane things I get sent. Do these people currently have lives? ;) (Says the girl playing FrontierVille and finishing 3 blogs whilst watching TV and listening to the ex snore.) I feel really limited to what I can say since I am not at home until this afternoon. I think I'll blog later on tonight without the constant gawping at the lappy : M L xoXox

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Families, Friends and Me = *flatline*

It's my cousins birthday today. She is... umm... 19? Wow she still looks younger than me! Albeit she has a kid and I don't. We don't really see each other much so we didn't have anything planned. I did say happy birthday to her on facebook though. Only thing I seem to do there... or play games... it should be called GameBook... yeah I'm rambling now haha. I spent most of today with my friends and ex. We must have walked the entire length of Britain throughout the day! It was painful. We ate a ton though :/ Well I did. They ate their own ton :P Kind of annoying since all week has gone well apart from today and yesterday. I think my friends have that ability to make me eat... I can't blame them though... at least not to their faces. But I think everyone has that one person they hate going against and mine is unfortunately the ex : They were planning my 18th. I'm kind of scared I won't be able to walk home haha xD All they were talking about is alcohol and it should be a long weekend. My 18th birthday is on a Sunday by the way. Boring right? but I don't want to plan my birthday. It's 3 months away. I have loads of time. X factor is on tonight. It's not my thing this year though I do love Mary and Belle Amie? I dunno if that is their name but they sound really cute. I don't dig Cheryls hair though. Red (though to be honest so does brunette) makes her look like she never left the council estate in Newcastle (no offense to anyone who might live in one.) I think she is pretty but nothing extravagant. She looks likes millions of girls who go clubbing every weekend in my opinion. And the malaria thing... please! Just shut up about it. Okay I've gone off on a mini rant about Cheryl Cole but I would respect her more if she attempted to sing and not dance and never spoke about Ashley or malaria again. Right I'll stop in 2 mintutes ;) I hate how Simon agrees with her too or she agrees with him. Don't they have their own minds? And I don't like Cher or Katie either. Can you say OTT drama Queens? Meow! Back to the X Factor. I used to like Rebecca but Cheryl has changed her wayy too much. Same with Trayc (her name spelt that way bugs the ocd part of me) She gives them typical ballads and songs that people like Whitney and Tina would sing. She did it with Alexandra too. She in a way stereotypes her acts. That's my opinion anyway. And she has the same BlackBerry has me. Not sure if that is good or bad... One more thing, what is Wagner? Or Vagner? I think it's Wagner but pronounced Vagner. He is umm... an individual to say the least. Umm so yeah... I seem to be talking about everything right now but what I intended to write about which was... I have no idea. Oh well cuppa coffee and tv night for me :) M L xoXox

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I got lost inside your eyes

I feel half dead or something. I need a regular sleeping pattern because I'm not quite sure it fits into my life to go to sleep in the morning or afternoon for 3 hours. Insomnia is a bitch. I didn't blog yesterday did I? It was a long day but I was just too unmotivated to go online once I had done everything. Today has been really long too. I don't seem to do short days anymore haha. I ended up going to college today for some reason unknown to myself (don't have to be in this week/next week or the week after for that matter. I is bored.) with my friend let's call her C and another guy I don't know well and I've forgotten his name. He wasn't too memorable to be honest. Harsh right? Oh well he'll live. It wasn't too bad though. I ended up picking up some more units to complete whilst I ain't there. I'm not back until the 1st :D That is sheer happiness on my part because it gives me time to try and find something else to do instead of this course. I cannot do an apprenticeship/BTEC in child care for a full year. Well until next June or something daft. I can't believe how much work she gave me though. And the first 3 weeks that nobody did. Umpt! I should join up to the Army and be happy :P We was having a political debate over 'lunch'. I say lunch but we was just drinking coffee in the college coffee shop. Lucky us huh? :) They was all talking bull voer this and that and it was clear that they've probably heard one or two things on the radio or news and decided to start a debate. It was funny if you was listening in on it. I've always wondered why people bring up politics or try and debate it. Especially when they didn't vote and then go onto complain. That really bugs me! Like everyone complains about the Consevatives and Lib Dems but 50% of the people that do voted for them. You should know how both parties work if you are voting for them. The Conservatives are all about rich people and the sort and David Cameron (I feel I have violated my blog by putting his name in it lol) is just plain stupid in my opinion. He's very stuck up George Osbornes arse (sorry again blog for mentioning another idiot) it's hard to tell where David ends and George starts! And Nick Clegg is just a sell out. Gosh I do hate discussing politics. It's in the same league has religion. You'll never get anybody to agree on it. But I do prefer David Milliband over Ed. Maybe it's just because of his name. Ed. Yeah. He is very sarcastic though especially to David Cameron so we'd be best friends haha. The day wasn't too good with food though. Pretty blah but not the worst at all so it's not too bad right now. Still pretty tired though. I need serious sleepers to knock me out for a few days. Maybe weeks/months? Would make not eating easier ;) Well I hope you all have a good weekend :) (just incase I ain't online tomorrow (= ) M L xoXox

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


So them minors are finally getting out of that mine huh? I hope they get out fine. Not sure why I am writing about the news but hey they do deserve to get out of that place. Random : I'm currently looking up shades of pink for my bedroom. I love how when I plan to decorate one room I want to paint all of them haha. though to be fair I do have the paint from ages ago to do my bathroom. White is so boring on it's own throughout an house. I like the idea of a black and electric blue living room but I wouldn't do it. Nice thought though :) The way this guy is talking on QVC is like he is going to have an orgasm from selling tacky shit! Such a weird little man "/ Some of the things he is selling... I have seen more expensive stuff in the pound shop xD hehe. My good news for today is that since Saturday I am down 4.2lbs and finally out of the dreaded 130's :D Now to get out of the 120's haha. You had to know that was coming. It did make me smile though which can be my good thing for the day.

Monday, 11 October 2010

I don't know.

I don't know what to even write about. I don't know whether to do what I want or what is expected of me. I don't know if I am doing what I want to. I don't know a lot of things actually. What I do know is that is okay to now know sometimes. That is my little note to self to remember daily. I need to remind me of it more often I guess. What I do know though is: I know I need to do a thorough clear out of my house so I can paint my bedroom and hall. I know I need to go to the gym this week. I know I need to go to the bank in the morning. I know I need to stop drinking so darn much lol. I know I need to make an attempt at straightening my hair tomorrow too. I know a lot more things but shall not bore everyone :P I also want a Facebook status but haven't got anything interesting to say haaha. I need to sort my outfit out for tomorrow because I like planning these things. I need/should go to the bathroom plus wash my hands. This blog post isn't even a post lol. It's more of a list than anything :L But it's Monday and a pretty boring day. Hope you are all having a good start to the week :) M L xoXox

Sunday, 10 October 2010

[I didn't name it]

It's 10-10-10 for another minute. Kind of cool. I feel sort of emotionless lately. Not much seems to affect me which probably isn't the best thing but meh. Have you noticed everyone seems to have a date they want to be at their GW or a certain month or whatever? I am no exception but what happens after that day? I've never done anything differently the day after reaching a GW. Am I the only one or just slightly boring? I didn't do much today. I've spent most of the day listening to all the music I finally downloaded this morning. (After 7am lol) Once I started I couldn't stop :) I went to the gym too albeit for 15 minutes. For some reason the junior gym was on which it normally isn't and it's just impossible to do much apart from wait for them to fall off the treadmill. Seriously try not laughing at that ;) haha! Evil yes but entertaining. Was it Mich or Bella fasting? Mmm... I'll check. It was Mich. At least I remember names. Good luck with your fast. It's over here in the UK thank goodness. Hope you've had decent weekends ...Back to random internet surfing and music... M L xoXox

Saturday, 9 October 2010

In 52 minutes

I will be on day 2 of not binging. And day 2 of a fast. And on day 1 of going back to the gym... Okay the latter is going to be later on Sunday but ya know ;) I was meant to go today but I didn't sleep until 11am and woke up at 2ish. By the time I got ready it would have been too late since the gym I go to closes at 4pm on a Saturday. Weird I know. So Sunday it is. First day of a new week and all :) On PT (I know I went on it!! Still on it actually... Btw there is some proper idiots on there especially the wannabe trolls...) on this mission thing I do one of my goals is to be more positive. To write down something on here or in my journal something that made me smile or laugh etc. So I am going to stick to that and do it daily :) Gosh this is probably tmi but I am sick of peeing. It's so annoying to get up every 5 monutes. It's like the workout I didn't get this afternoon haha. I think I am going to attempt some units of coursework. I need to catch up on homework plus work we never finished in class. I hate this rubbish lesson. Aha I am actually laughing at this Donny and Marie Osmond thing. I shouldn't admit that. It's kind of lame but that can be my positive thing for today :) Hope you are all having a good weekend. I'm going to download more music for my iPod. M L xoXox

Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's becoming an habit

3am again. It's such an habit to write a blog at 3am for some reason. Whatever lol. I'll go with it.
First of all though I need to get a picture off of my BlackBerry to show you. How scary does that sky look? Thankfully it didn't rain until I got back inside. Phew! I'd have cried if it had of rained : Only cos my hair looked good for once hahaa.
I have a sort of challenge going on with a friend of mine and I just have to say (Since I am being positive and all) I am going to kick your ass!! ;) After all I do have over a month to do so and am wayy too competitive...
I haven't been on PT properly in a while. I should take time out to do so. Thing is it annoys me sometimes but I want to talk to people soo... I'm motivating my bum when I wake up to go on and reply to people because I seem to ignore all but a few comments on my page. I know. I'mma a bitch. I do like commenting on the forums. I spend too long in there though because come on. Have you seen how many posts I have?! I think only Prom Queen has more o.O So sad haha. And I semi miss some drama. Life is a lil dull without laughing at a fool ;) I am evil I know.
There is a girl on there that has posted pictures with the most amazing red hair. If you could steal hair I would already have hers haha :D
Anyway I should go and workout or something. Actually I'll do that when Police Interceptors comes on at 4am-ish. Shh no judging what I watch on TV lol.
Did you all have good Wednesdays?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's that time of morning again...

3am. I should sleep or at least do something productive. I have a long day planned tomorrow aswell. Gah only on days I have to do something do I never sleep for at least a few hours. On another note don't you just hate people who delete you on Facebook then add you again saying you deleted them? I wouldn't accept if I did haha. Whilst on the note of Facebook don't you just hate attention seekers on there? I now remember why I have only been using Facebook lately for the games or reading stuff on the BlackBerry. I'm supposed to be at college tomorrow. I was meant to go in yesterday and monday too but I cba. It's not I don't want to do well, it's just I want to do something I actually like! SInce my tutor on this course left it a month before bothering to try and change my courses I have to wait until next September. I am not doing any shitty child care thing until then. I'd rather sign up to the Army. Why do I always complain? I've just noticed but I complain a lot on here but not in real life or even on PT! Earlier today though whilst out and about I saw this super cute guy. Gotta love living next to all the Uni students lol. (I'm going to attempt to be more positive this month so here's my first shot at it haha) I swear though I felt weak at the knees. Hot but just hot. Not an actual guy you would want to date for longer than a few months lol. Yes I'm coming to the end of my teen years (18 is the end right? I hope so!) and definitely don't do long, not even imaginary. Weird right? [I've just been looking at a friends profile picture on Facebook for like 5 minutes to work out what it was. It's lots of pictures of boobs put together. I feel pervy haha ;) Just thought I should tell you.] I should try and sleep. Long day and all. Plus need to be up early to straighten the hair. Not done it in a wee while lol. Trying not to damage it more with dying it and using heated products y'know? My hair does need cutting though but I am resistant because I've not once found an hairdresser who does something perfect. Maybe I am just a major perfectionist and have to have things how I want them? Either way it's my hair and if it looks horrible I can't just take it off like an ugly skirt haahaa. How are you all? I am aware I don't always reply to your lovely comments but you 66 people are absolutely lovely :) <3 M L xoXox

Monday, 4 October 2010

I can't think of a title

I got woken up super early by my friend. Only now after like months has she decided to start planning her wedding. I know right? She makes the most noise in the entire world. I swear I was only thinking it but I ended up shouting "Just because you are awake does not mean everyone else is!" That was just before 7am. She brushed it off and I laughed when I got in the shower thinking it over.
We saw some absolutely stunning dresses and such but to be quite honest she isn't the type of girl to wear a dress. But oh my gosh it made me totally want to own a bridal shop! God the dresses are just... works of art. I loved them! We ended up having lunch out where a few other people joined us and the little restaurant type of thing was so cute and quint. It did Quorn food! I almost fell to the floor in shock at discovering that. I so have a new favourite place to eat out at now. I had a few fries and spicy chicken. Even though it wasn't a huge porton I asked for I left pretty happy and full.
Oh oh major shocker. Hold onto your seats... it didn't rain again! Like that is amazing here right now haha. It was sunny :O Told you it was shocking haha. So I have had a nice day in all. And a 2 hour afternoon/evening nap. I've not done that in a while so that was nice.
I think the rest of my day I am going to spend finishing things up and I will get on the exercise bike. October is definitely the month for me to start pushing myself.
Here are a few pictures to make you smile this Monday :)
This is a neighbours cat at my aunts though we've semi stolen it haha. We named it black lady.
This is my other aunties cat called Gizmo. She has the hugest black eyes when not sat on the window ledge.
They are my babies. How cute right? Patch and Snowey. Vey much the camera whores!
Snowey again. Who was it that wanted proof she was a camera whore??!
This was such an unusual pose from Patch. So adorable. He's a big fat softie and always needs loving! :D

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blurry days

From Wednesday till well last night I wish I could have them days back. They was wasted doing complete rubbish. Well they have had some good points in them but there has been way too much bad to equally weigh it out. Good
  • I spent time with friends.
  • I did too much walking. Yes there is such a thing.
  • Eating was minimal.
  • .... I spent less time online?


  • I didn't have my phone charger.
  • It was freezing.
  • I was like just under 2lbs away from starting October in the 120's.
  • I couldn't get into my house.
  • My bank card got taken along with money/house keys by my mate.
  • I couldn't/can't access my bank account.
  • I had 4-5 hours sleep?

There are several other things but I don't want to turn October into a misery. It's freaking October. Oh gosh. Halloween soon :D I do love watching horror movies and being with my friends. Fun! This year is going insanely fast in my opinion. I'm attempting to blog but I have no motivation or anything remotely interesting to put in without it being depressing or something lol.

I will say though it is way too cold right now. Can't you tell Britain is heading into winter though to be honest I think we stay in winter mode for approximately 11 months of the year and the other month it is rain season haha xD

Hope you are all well.