Thursday, 23 September 2010


I have 50 followers! Do you know how irritating it was to have 49?? I really hate odd numbers. I don't know if I follow you all either so if I don't just tell me :) So... yet again I haven't updated. In my defence I wake up at 04:30am and spend until 4pm at college. The journey there and from takes the biscuit. It is actually faster to walk from the city centre to the college than get the bus. I know. I beat the bus o.O! It's a total rubbish course. I am going to talk to people tomorrow about switching it to the gcses like I am meant to be doing. No point doing child care since I don't want to work in a school and I'll hopefully be doing health and social care outside of college so just give me the gcses to do damn it! Yeah. So... yeah. That explains quite a bit. I do hate the fact that on the child care course there is no male students or tutors. I HATE it. At least if I transfer courses some tutors are male. I really can't get along with females. I don't know why but we have a love from them/hate from me relationship haha. Come to think of it I know a lot more guys than females considering I went to an all girls high school. Yesterday, no the day before... Tuesday I had to go to the hospital to do these English and Maths tests. My smart ass (exaggeration of course) scored a minimum of a B Gcse in both. I feel smart plus it means I get to go back next week to do my CRB check and stuff. Plus also get a start date for work (I think.) Oh yeah. Life is pretty good that way I guess. Or will be once I get this college sorted in the morning. I have a feeling I am forgetting a load of things. I just lost half of what I was reading because my computer decided to reload. Amazingly stupid this laptop is :@ Umm. Yes I was talking about math. Our 'maths' work is based on calories and weight and exercising and ED's. Um seriously? I have done maths for years and never once have we talked about any of that stuff. Weirdos. Plus the teacher got all the calorie stuff wrong. I was correcting half of it which was embarrassing. but come on even people who eat normal know there isn't 28 calories in an egg or 32 in a slice of bread o.O And she dresses like... I can't quite find the words for it. Leopard leggings and then army camoflague knee socks. Now I don't judge people on what they wear (outloud at least) but even I had to say WTF?! to my friend Caitlin! Sorry but not even Gok Wan could fix her :L Come to think of it I hope none of you guys wear anything like that or else I have just offended you "/ Did I mention she won't enroll me at college until I find out when I start this job and training if I do? That is so stupid. Just because it shows that the figures will drop that they give to the government. So I have no ID (kind of good since all my ID photos are rank. Seriously I'll have to put some of them on at some point!) and if there is a fire I'm not on the register. Boo huh? I don't think I should do the work in fairness if she's being a doylem like she is. But w/e. I need to stop complaining about college lol. Only been there 3 days and I have had enough! Well technically 2 since I was poorly today. I should probably stop writing because if anybody actually reads all of this they are going to be bored with me moaning ;) Typical Brit aye? Weights going down this week too. Not going to post stats I don't think. Maybe just the amount of pounds I lose instead. I'll start tomorrow maybe. Anyway. Goodnight :) M L xoXox


  1. Haha, don't worry I <3 long posts! Or at least, I just posted a hugeish one last night so I can't talk.
    Hope college starts looking more up for you! I giggled a lot about your teacher's choice of clothing..
    Much love


  2. haha nice long post! I love little rants.. And I must say that animal print leggings and camo knee socks is fucking disgusting in my book. I don't care if you are Lady GAGA herself thats just nasty. uggg that's like wearing Metallic, With bright primary colors, and pastels all in the same's just fashion suicide. I'm kind of a bitch about certain outfits though ;) lol
    glad you're doing well sweetie

  3. I don't get along well with other women, either. It must be a territorial thing, I think - some leftover instinct from when we were all wild animals. :/

  4. Sorry that I bumped you up to an odd number of followers again. I just couldn't resist following your blog!

    ^^ Lola