Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I have figured out how to make staying at a friends with limited control on what I can surf on the net fun. I'll blog from the phone haha. My skin really doesn't like whatever washing powder/liquid my friend uses on his clothes. It's so irritating but I am way too cold to take the jacket off! Gosh I think we are skipping Autum and going straight into Winter. Or maybe it's just my wimpy butt... I don't think I am making this long since my hand/arm/wrist whatever it is called kills from earlier. To fill you in my friend tripped and dragged me down with him haha. Funny but oh so painful :'( That was karma for skipping college I just know it!! So yes ouchie! Monday turned out to be a good start to the week. Semi good. I unexpectedly had a blood test today. Only went in to book an appointment! It turned into a blood test/huge lecture from my doctor about eating right and exercising and sleeping enough which btw all made me laugh. Especially the latter since when he asked if I was often tired I was yawning my head off :P Baring in mind though I have never really gone in this year apart from blood tests. Oh and when I needed drugs when I broke my leg. So I have to go back on Thursday. Fml what a brillant start to the day that will be *rolls eyes* I did forget to weigh myself this morning. It was probably the rush to college *wink wink* and then realising I had left my keys at a friends so having to go back to his house and gah right? Hope you all had a good start to the week. Bella: I'm not bad no. Getting there :) Hope you're okay. Mich: I've not had them since... I can't even remember! So long but ketchup? I've done butter with the beans but not ketchup lol. More courses. I think more people will end up spending more time in college and uni than in a job! It takes ages to get good qualifications for a decent jobs. But at least you know now what you want to do :) M L xoXox


  1. haha karma for skipping im skipping college riiiight now. he he he
    I wish i could blog from my phone :(

  2. Yeah, I went through a phase (10ish years old?) where I put ketchup on EVERYTHING. Now I hate it.

    I hope your arm feels better! You should get it checked out by your wonderful doctor if the pain doesn't go away. :/

  3. Blogging on your phone, you're committed ;)
    Goodluck for your doctors apt, hope it's not too sucky :)