Thursday, 2 September 2010


I never noticed it was September until this morning. I must be getting old haha. Last night wasn't too bad. We didn't go to the cinema since everything just looked utter crap. Apart from Shrek and Toy Story but they don't show them at night which is stupid in my opinion. So we just watched dvds at home. Pringles are too addictive though. Not the best crisps out there but there is something about them... But yeah I gained just over 1lb from it shocker but I think that's because I broke my fast with food I wouldn't normally eat after fasting. Anyway I wonder what is going on with PrettyThin. I thought it would have been back by now since it's a new month with the bandwidth. Gahh I need to talk to people. Facebook just isn't cutting it haha. Ugh. M L xoXox

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  1. I know what you mean about not realizing its september... I'm so glad though..Summer time gives me an excuse to eat ice cream and soda... winter is tea time! I love PT..i'd die without it.