Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ooh a title?...

If I never comment on your blog don't worry. I do read them it is just I suck at replying on screen lol. I tend to just agree with what you write half the time. So yesterday was quite good. I broke my fast 2 and a half days into it. Tbh though it could of been worse than toast and a few crisps at my friends so I'm okay with it. Plus I am closer to breaking the 130's barrier. I swear that is the most annoying barrier made in terms of weight. At least for me anyway. And I bought a BlackBerry. I love it but not as much as the iPhone. I have a huge love affair with my iPhone. I'm so materialistic but who cares really? ;) If my computer takes another funny turn whilst I am writing this I am going to give up! Frustrating :@ Do you ever think you intimidate people with your career/education etc plans? Or are you more of the don't know what I am doing yet type of person? Most of my friends are the latter. Quite a few are in college and still not sure what they are going to do which I find bonkers since they are studying! I was having this convo with a friend through bbm last night. I'm nicknamed doc or nurse (since I am a healthcare assistant) because I know what I am doing careerwise and other friends call me brain. Yep brain. Did you laugh? Yeah it makes me laugh too haha. And she's nicknamed Para since she wants to be a paramedic. So I fall into the opposite catagory to most of the people I know. But they intimidate me with their personal lives. Y'know kids, partners etc etc. I couldn't imagine dragging (not literally lol) a kid through all them years all college and university. A guy yeah sure maybe, not marrying them or anything but I could do partners through uni. I dunno. I think I am just rambling now since I was up until 5:30am discussing the same things :L Right so I am off for a glass of juice and to read these lovely blogs whilst watching James Bond :) Haha Lola I forgive you I guess ;) (but a bit thank you to whoever was the 52nd follower. You saved me from insanity lol) On a total random note I am craving beans on toast. I have no idea why and I don't even know if I like it anymore o.O M L xoXox


  1. Yeah for me 130's barrier is a bitch! lol Don't worry I'm sure you will break it soon, I hope I will too! :P

  2. Ew beans and toast lol.
    OMG 130's in the hardest for sure. It's so annoying to be right above it and ten times more annoying to get out of!!! I'm glad you posted! It's been kind of empty on here lately. Busy little monsters. i've been busy too. BTW I dont think too many ppl are intimidated that i know what I want, but a lot are intimidated that I can say IDGAF when something doesn't go right.

  3. Haha I know right? I do crave weird food. o.O
    The 130's deserves to be in a lined up and shot dead!
    I know. It's not as busy as normal but it's probably down to everyone starting school/college/uni agagin. Gone are the days of laying in bed for a few months :( Bad times lol.

  4. You sound well darling, :)
    Keep it up, you're a staaaaaar.

  5. I used to eat beans and toast with lots and LOTS of ketchup. :/

    I think it's awesome that you have a pretty solid idea of what you want to do. I had no clue for years, and only after I graduated college did I kind of decide what I wanted to do. So now I have to go back for more courses before I can actually start working towards a masters degree...