Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hot coffee on a cold night

I have to start off by saying I am freezing! I need coffee since it is so cold... Damn why do I have to have skinny hands but a fat body? I could handle a cold body but cold fingers is annoying! I have yet another week arguing my case about education. Gah give me a break. Thankfully that isn't until the end of the week. I am supposed to be going home but since this estate is surrounded by police I am not going anywhere for a while. I'll miss my buses if I can't leave soon so it's going to have to be a taxi or stay here at my friends. It's all to do with this guy who burgled this 80 something year old and attacked her with an hammer to the head and I think she died "/ I don't know though because they aren't allowed to tell us and I ain't about to bother a guy with a gun. Anyway why am I writing this?? Though I must add that copper needs to go by the time I decide to go to bed if I stay... Though it doesn't matter much since I live near a huge ass police station and the helicopter goes over my apartment block nearly every hour : Ummm what was I going to write? *Gap until 23:45* So I go home. Just. I don't even know what to write. My mind seems pretty blank to be honest with you. I am trying to get out or the habit or writing tbh and stuff cos if I go back to college it's a terrible habit when you are writing by hand. I did it once a work after a long summer. Though at least my handwriting was readable. Now I am rambling and this is getting longer and longer going on about useless things that I haven't even done today : I baked! Finally something relevant! Downside is it was inevitable that I wouldn't eat any. Damn my cooking/baking skills! Why not the other members of my family that need them? I binged too. Like gah why? September isn't my month at all. I wish I could wake up when it ends. Maybe I'd be a tad lighter ;) But yes. These past 7 or maybe more days all I can do is eat. I did think period but yeah I thought that like 4 days back... I was going to write something but yeah it'd be weird. Not for people reading but for me. But yes. New week, new eating/exercising plan (of sorts), new threshold for bullshit... all in all a typical week ahead. Ooh I just thought if I do go back to college and stuff then I'll have less time for stuff online. Mmm... could be interesting. Anyway I am not writing anymore since half of it doesn't make sense. I'll blame it on being freezing, tired and a Sunday night ;) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :) M L xoXox


  1. Hey love, haha, lovely long post ;)
    Thank you for always reading my posts! I love you for it.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, and that all your plans go well :)
    Much loveee

  2. You're right - it is a new week! I ate too much this weekend, too. :P That's so scary about the burglar! I hope there aren't any more. We get lots of break-ins here, but usually it's just kids with nothing more than a pocket knife that they're too scared to actually use.

    I'll trade you your freezing weather for the warm weather here. It's finally starting to cool down, but not fast enough!!


  3. hihi where do you live, since its so cold?
    Im freezing as well.. Fall is kicking in.. HARD :P
    Im wearing a sweater over a sweater :P
    I hate having goosebumps :S

    Love, Anna

  4. Bella: Ahh no problem :)

    Mich: Same here. It's normally just something pathetic going on but yeah. You get some sicko's. After all I do live in the city the Yorkshire Ripper commited most his crimes in :|
    And gahh no. I wouldn't want the warm weather back.

    Anna: I live in England. So pretty much always cold. A sweater over a sweater. Haha that did make me laugh :P