Thursday, 16 September 2010

Oops I forgot to name it haha

Haven't been on this thing in a few days. Nor PrettyThin or Facebook really. I should probably show my face on all of them lol. These past few days haven't been too bad I don't think. Think... I swear I'm losing my memory! I can never remember what I have done when I try and think about it but if it happened ages ago my memory is picture perfect. Pffft. The fact I haven't done anything major to blog about is kind of sad : Though tbh all I seem to do these days is shop or hang around with friends. shopping is oh so addictive but oh so bad on the bank balance! Which reminds me to check my email address... Yeah don't ask how I connected the two :P The weathe rhere has been... oh my gosh Tuesday I went into town and I swear the wind was awful! Me and my friend got back to his street and it was nearly impossible to get up the hill. I thought it was going to blow me over lmao. English weather ;) So yeah that's it. I think. I'll do something longer tomorrow :) Hope you are all having good weeks. M L xoXox


  1. I love shopping too. I just spend over $100 on things I don't need lol

  2. I think we all have a shopping problem, deep down. ;) I go to the mall just for the craic, to look at pretty things and I figure it'll burn some cals to walk around for a few hours. But I usually end up sinking myself deeper into credit card debt.
    Have a good weekend, hun!