Saturday, 18 September 2010

College = Shopping = $$$ = :(

I start college on Monday. 09:30am until 16:30. The fact it takes me so long to get there isn't impressing me. In morning traffic and lame ass public transport I'll have to set off from my house at 07:00am, which makes Krissii annoyed and determined to have a fully charged phone and iPod. Oh and I am in the same class when I do a certain subject as a 'friend'. I say friend but we haven't seen each other in over a year even though we are meant to be best friends. Oh and I didn't even get her new number. I don't suppose I can grumble at that since I never gave her mine but she had the old one I still use. And what is with her husband-to-be texting me? Weird little man : I have an appointment on Tuesday at the hospital. Don't worry not ill, just a test and things to do an apprentinceship (of a sort) with them. I don't mind. I get my NVQ level 2 in Health and Social care, 37.5hrs work a week and time away from my life. If I end up doing it. If not I just have a packed schedule at college and more time to spent talking to you lovely people :D Still I think I would rather the wages ;) And I is getting a BlackBerry! I know. Overkill with having the iPhone buttttttttt... I want bbm haha. I am very greedy when it comes to material crap. All this comes when I say I am going to cut back on spending money. Such an obsession but at least it is healthy ;) Well for everyone but my purse but I can live with it. For now. So tomorrow I have to go shopping for a few new things for college especially a comfy pair of jeans, make up of course, thinking about dying my hair... dunno if to though of what colour IF I do. Suggestions? It has to look good though since I have to have pictures done on Monday and I am not having a weird bus pass or college pass. I 'accidently' of course lost my bus pass 4 times last eyar because they kept taking dodgy pictures. Finally got a good one lol and lets not talk about my NHS badge. I look okay but the colouring on it was shite. We all looked like Simpsons lmao! Gawd feels weird to be going back to school since I haven't been in a year. 18 months if you don't include college last year after hugh school. I am wondering how long it will take before somebody notices the ED though. I have had this trouble in both high school and college. Suprisingly always by a male teacher "/ Weird right? But it's almost a game in a sense hiding it and all that stuff. Mmm. I don't know if I am ready for that game again... So yes hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I know I am since I am still in my pjs lol. And suggestions on the hair pleaseeeee! M L Take care xoXox


  1. Yay for school.. i just started school and it was 19 months between HS and college, it's rough but do-able. Life style of the college girl... money, food, weight, oh yea and more money. No one has noticed my ED yet..except I think on guy kinda knows... Well what color is your hair now?
    good luck, love!!

  2. Have fun shopping!! :)

  3. I've always gone straight into something. After leaving High school on friday I started college on the following monday and then when I left college a few months later on a friday I started work on the monday. Then took a 10 month break lol. My hair is a sort of brown shade. xxx

    And thanks Rosette :)

  4. Good luck with college. You'll have such an amazing time!! And good luck with the hospital thing. You'll do well!
    I just coloured my hair recently - sort of red with blonde and light brown in it. Gets lots of compliments. Maybe something to consider?

  5. Goodluck with starting up college again today darling- I hope you have a wonderful time. Something to keep you busy, and your mind off your ED sometimes, too. I'm moving out with Tim after I finish my exams in a month or so, and taking a year break before going back to study- I know my mind will be on what not to eat, every moment for the first few weeks. I'll just try and work a lot I suppose. But yes, study is a good distraction :)
    Maybe a dark, dark brown? There's some gorgeous shades of dark brown, with copper tones, or some with more of a purple hint.
    Anyway, whichever you choose, I hope you're happy with it, and that it does the photo good ;)
    Thank you so much for your comments on my writing, darling, I love your comments. You're incredible.
    xxx Keep well love.