Monday, 6 September 2010

Call it what you will

I'm super tired. Like more than normal yet I can't sleep since my friends are ordering food. Actually since I have been in a sort of binge mode for the past 3 days I helped them look for the menu. Who actually has menu's for takeaways apart form the junk mail you forget to chuck out? It took nearly an hour to find them and he has a million. Typical male being too lazy to cook so orders out most nights :P Ahh such a stereotype but oh so true. *yawns* I've been using my exercise bike a lot so it's sort of leveling out all the eating but I still have a feeling I have gained. Maybe I'll step on the scales when I go home tomorrow... Mmm it depends. I still can't get over how fat Samuel is! I swear it's not normal how big he is. I would post a picture but it's not my kid and you lot could be some weirdo's from Asia that... well I will let you guys finish that. Night, morning or whatever it is where you are. Oh my gosh the pizza is huge! Argh shoot me dead!! : I am seriously back in the 130's, I just know it. Arghhh. M L xoXox


  1. hey a fellow 130's clubber! isnt it terrible! By the way I love what it says in your profile.. reminds me of me (as gay as that fkn sounds) don't beat urself up over the pizza :) xoxox

  2. Yay for exercise bikes! And yeah, better not posting pictures of kids! :) <3

  3. @Pixie: It's very blah isn't it? Haha that makes me feel a little more normal that somebody is similar :P xo

    @Sarah: Yes they are wonderful. Yeah it's best not but he is so chunky lol. xo