Friday, 10 September 2010

AWOL... (again!)

Well this week has been a busy one. Not a single day have I slept past 7am which is a bummer. Eating as being atrocious. Exercise not really happening most days. Weight? Shoot me but um. I might be going back to college too. Not sure atm since everybody can't get their ideas together. Seriously the services for young people in this country fucking suck. I'm not doing no retarded course they want me to do. I'd rather work at freaking Tesco's. It's not hard tbqh lmao. Ooh or I could work at Greggs. I passed their test lol. Okay now I am being majorly sarcastic. But if one more person tells me wanting to be a doctor is not a possibility I am going to murder them! These people are supposed to support and encourage kids to do something with their lives yet all they can do is drag you down. So retards, when I say I am going to be a doctor it means I AM going to be a doctor. Not a bloody radiographer, not a ENT specialist blah blah blah. It means a freaking doctor in A&E medicine or Orthopaedics and Trauma. Telling me it's 3 years at college and 5 at University doesn't put me off because I have known that since I was 11 years old. I'm not dumb *spaz face* Anyway enough ranting about that. Back to the college thing. I want to go obviously but I've got niggling thoughts in my head. All I can think is it's more people to hide everything from. Plus I'll have to work my arse off to remain a straight A student. Gahh this next year and the 2 following could get majorly busy with becoming a nerd again "/ Scary. More so since everybody I know go to the other college in Leeds. Bummer right? I should probably make new friends or something... I know easier said than done. At least it is the weekend though. I can spend time away from people, exercising, on PT etc etc. Not binging!! (I did write bonging at first o.O) Ooh and catching up on peoples blogs. I haven't seen anyones since last... Saturday? So lots of back reading there haha. But onto tonight and I have to go and wash my hair and do the laundry. How boring for a Friday night right? Ahh the life of a 17 year old : M L xoXox


  1. 17 was my craziest year.... I feel your pain.
    I'm not gonna give advice but I seriously fuck up so much. My mom wants my to be a lawyer.. I was like "Yeeeeaaaa.... fuck no."
    Four years:Nurse, hellls yea :)
    Don't worry too much sweetie the last blossom on the tree makes the sweetest apple!

  2. Good luck for becoming a doctor- you can do it, you're determined! :) Keep on going, love.
    Keep well, you're wonderful.