Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I have figured out how to make staying at a friends with limited control on what I can surf on the net fun. I'll blog from the phone haha. My skin really doesn't like whatever washing powder/liquid my friend uses on his clothes. It's so irritating but I am way too cold to take the jacket off! Gosh I think we are skipping Autum and going straight into Winter. Or maybe it's just my wimpy butt... I don't think I am making this long since my hand/arm/wrist whatever it is called kills from earlier. To fill you in my friend tripped and dragged me down with him haha. Funny but oh so painful :'( That was karma for skipping college I just know it!! So yes ouchie! Monday turned out to be a good start to the week. Semi good. I unexpectedly had a blood test today. Only went in to book an appointment! It turned into a blood test/huge lecture from my doctor about eating right and exercising and sleeping enough which btw all made me laugh. Especially the latter since when he asked if I was often tired I was yawning my head off :P Baring in mind though I have never really gone in this year apart from blood tests. Oh and when I needed drugs when I broke my leg. So I have to go back on Thursday. Fml what a brillant start to the day that will be *rolls eyes* I did forget to weigh myself this morning. It was probably the rush to college *wink wink* and then realising I had left my keys at a friends so having to go back to his house and gah right? Hope you all had a good start to the week. Bella: I'm not bad no. Getting there :) Hope you're okay. Mich: I've not had them since... I can't even remember! So long but ketchup? I've done butter with the beans but not ketchup lol. More courses. I think more people will end up spending more time in college and uni than in a job! It takes ages to get good qualifications for a decent jobs. But at least you know now what you want to do :) M L xoXox

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ooh a title?...

If I never comment on your blog don't worry. I do read them it is just I suck at replying on screen lol. I tend to just agree with what you write half the time. So yesterday was quite good. I broke my fast 2 and a half days into it. Tbh though it could of been worse than toast and a few crisps at my friends so I'm okay with it. Plus I am closer to breaking the 130's barrier. I swear that is the most annoying barrier made in terms of weight. At least for me anyway. And I bought a BlackBerry. I love it but not as much as the iPhone. I have a huge love affair with my iPhone. I'm so materialistic but who cares really? ;) If my computer takes another funny turn whilst I am writing this I am going to give up! Frustrating :@ Do you ever think you intimidate people with your career/education etc plans? Or are you more of the don't know what I am doing yet type of person? Most of my friends are the latter. Quite a few are in college and still not sure what they are going to do which I find bonkers since they are studying! I was having this convo with a friend through bbm last night. I'm nicknamed doc or nurse (since I am a healthcare assistant) because I know what I am doing careerwise and other friends call me brain. Yep brain. Did you laugh? Yeah it makes me laugh too haha. And she's nicknamed Para since she wants to be a paramedic. So I fall into the opposite catagory to most of the people I know. But they intimidate me with their personal lives. Y'know kids, partners etc etc. I couldn't imagine dragging (not literally lol) a kid through all them years all college and university. A guy yeah sure maybe, not marrying them or anything but I could do partners through uni. I dunno. I think I am just rambling now since I was up until 5:30am discussing the same things :L Right so I am off for a glass of juice and to read these lovely blogs whilst watching James Bond :) Haha Lola I forgive you I guess ;) (but a bit thank you to whoever was the 52nd follower. You saved me from insanity lol) On a total random note I am craving beans on toast. I have no idea why and I don't even know if I like it anymore o.O M L xoXox

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I have 50 followers! Do you know how irritating it was to have 49?? I really hate odd numbers. I don't know if I follow you all either so if I don't just tell me :) So... yet again I haven't updated. In my defence I wake up at 04:30am and spend until 4pm at college. The journey there and from takes the biscuit. It is actually faster to walk from the city centre to the college than get the bus. I know. I beat the bus o.O! It's a total rubbish course. I am going to talk to people tomorrow about switching it to the gcses like I am meant to be doing. No point doing child care since I don't want to work in a school and I'll hopefully be doing health and social care outside of college so just give me the gcses to do damn it! Yeah. So... yeah. That explains quite a bit. I do hate the fact that on the child care course there is no male students or tutors. I HATE it. At least if I transfer courses some tutors are male. I really can't get along with females. I don't know why but we have a love from them/hate from me relationship haha. Come to think of it I know a lot more guys than females considering I went to an all girls high school. Yesterday, no the day before... Tuesday I had to go to the hospital to do these English and Maths tests. My smart ass (exaggeration of course) scored a minimum of a B Gcse in both. I feel smart plus it means I get to go back next week to do my CRB check and stuff. Plus also get a start date for work (I think.) Oh yeah. Life is pretty good that way I guess. Or will be once I get this college sorted in the morning. I have a feeling I am forgetting a load of things. I just lost half of what I was reading because my computer decided to reload. Amazingly stupid this laptop is :@ Umm. Yes I was talking about math. Our 'maths' work is based on calories and weight and exercising and ED's. Um seriously? I have done maths for years and never once have we talked about any of that stuff. Weirdos. Plus the teacher got all the calorie stuff wrong. I was correcting half of it which was embarrassing. but come on even people who eat normal know there isn't 28 calories in an egg or 32 in a slice of bread o.O And she dresses like... I can't quite find the words for it. Leopard leggings and then army camoflague knee socks. Now I don't judge people on what they wear (outloud at least) but even I had to say WTF?! to my friend Caitlin! Sorry but not even Gok Wan could fix her :L Come to think of it I hope none of you guys wear anything like that or else I have just offended you "/ Did I mention she won't enroll me at college until I find out when I start this job and training if I do? That is so stupid. Just because it shows that the figures will drop that they give to the government. So I have no ID (kind of good since all my ID photos are rank. Seriously I'll have to put some of them on at some point!) and if there is a fire I'm not on the register. Boo huh? I don't think I should do the work in fairness if she's being a doylem like she is. But w/e. I need to stop complaining about college lol. Only been there 3 days and I have had enough! Well technically 2 since I was poorly today. I should probably stop writing because if anybody actually reads all of this they are going to be bored with me moaning ;) Typical Brit aye? Weights going down this week too. Not going to post stats I don't think. Maybe just the amount of pounds I lose instead. I'll start tomorrow maybe. Anyway. Goodnight :) M L xoXox

Saturday, 18 September 2010

College = Shopping = $$$ = :(

I start college on Monday. 09:30am until 16:30. The fact it takes me so long to get there isn't impressing me. In morning traffic and lame ass public transport I'll have to set off from my house at 07:00am, which makes Krissii annoyed and determined to have a fully charged phone and iPod. Oh and I am in the same class when I do a certain subject as a 'friend'. I say friend but we haven't seen each other in over a year even though we are meant to be best friends. Oh and I didn't even get her new number. I don't suppose I can grumble at that since I never gave her mine but she had the old one I still use. And what is with her husband-to-be texting me? Weird little man : I have an appointment on Tuesday at the hospital. Don't worry not ill, just a test and things to do an apprentinceship (of a sort) with them. I don't mind. I get my NVQ level 2 in Health and Social care, 37.5hrs work a week and time away from my life. If I end up doing it. If not I just have a packed schedule at college and more time to spent talking to you lovely people :D Still I think I would rather the wages ;) And I is getting a BlackBerry! I know. Overkill with having the iPhone buttttttttt... I want bbm haha. I am very greedy when it comes to material crap. All this comes when I say I am going to cut back on spending money. Such an obsession but at least it is healthy ;) Well for everyone but my purse but I can live with it. For now. So tomorrow I have to go shopping for a few new things for college especially a comfy pair of jeans, make up of course, thinking about dying my hair... dunno if to though of what colour IF I do. Suggestions? It has to look good though since I have to have pictures done on Monday and I am not having a weird bus pass or college pass. I 'accidently' of course lost my bus pass 4 times last eyar because they kept taking dodgy pictures. Finally got a good one lol and lets not talk about my NHS badge. I look okay but the colouring on it was shite. We all looked like Simpsons lmao! Gawd feels weird to be going back to school since I haven't been in a year. 18 months if you don't include college last year after hugh school. I am wondering how long it will take before somebody notices the ED though. I have had this trouble in both high school and college. Suprisingly always by a male teacher "/ Weird right? But it's almost a game in a sense hiding it and all that stuff. Mmm. I don't know if I am ready for that game again... So yes hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I know I am since I am still in my pjs lol. And suggestions on the hair pleaseeeee! M L Take care xoXox

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Oops I forgot to name it haha

Haven't been on this thing in a few days. Nor PrettyThin or Facebook really. I should probably show my face on all of them lol. These past few days haven't been too bad I don't think. Think... I swear I'm losing my memory! I can never remember what I have done when I try and think about it but if it happened ages ago my memory is picture perfect. Pffft. The fact I haven't done anything major to blog about is kind of sad : Though tbh all I seem to do these days is shop or hang around with friends. shopping is oh so addictive but oh so bad on the bank balance! Which reminds me to check my email address... Yeah don't ask how I connected the two :P The weathe rhere has been... oh my gosh Tuesday I went into town and I swear the wind was awful! Me and my friend got back to his street and it was nearly impossible to get up the hill. I thought it was going to blow me over lmao. English weather ;) So yeah that's it. I think. I'll do something longer tomorrow :) Hope you are all having good weeks. M L xoXox

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hot coffee on a cold night

I have to start off by saying I am freezing! I need coffee since it is so cold... Damn why do I have to have skinny hands but a fat body? I could handle a cold body but cold fingers is annoying! I have yet another week arguing my case about education. Gah give me a break. Thankfully that isn't until the end of the week. I am supposed to be going home but since this estate is surrounded by police I am not going anywhere for a while. I'll miss my buses if I can't leave soon so it's going to have to be a taxi or stay here at my friends. It's all to do with this guy who burgled this 80 something year old and attacked her with an hammer to the head and I think she died "/ I don't know though because they aren't allowed to tell us and I ain't about to bother a guy with a gun. Anyway why am I writing this?? Though I must add that copper needs to go by the time I decide to go to bed if I stay... Though it doesn't matter much since I live near a huge ass police station and the helicopter goes over my apartment block nearly every hour : Ummm what was I going to write? *Gap until 23:45* So I go home. Just. I don't even know what to write. My mind seems pretty blank to be honest with you. I am trying to get out or the habit or writing tbh and stuff cos if I go back to college it's a terrible habit when you are writing by hand. I did it once a work after a long summer. Though at least my handwriting was readable. Now I am rambling and this is getting longer and longer going on about useless things that I haven't even done today : I baked! Finally something relevant! Downside is it was inevitable that I wouldn't eat any. Damn my cooking/baking skills! Why not the other members of my family that need them? I binged too. Like gah why? September isn't my month at all. I wish I could wake up when it ends. Maybe I'd be a tad lighter ;) But yes. These past 7 or maybe more days all I can do is eat. I did think period but yeah I thought that like 4 days back... I was going to write something but yeah it'd be weird. Not for people reading but for me. But yes. New week, new eating/exercising plan (of sorts), new threshold for bullshit... all in all a typical week ahead. Ooh I just thought if I do go back to college and stuff then I'll have less time for stuff online. Mmm... could be interesting. Anyway I am not writing anymore since half of it doesn't make sense. I'll blame it on being freezing, tired and a Sunday night ;) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :) M L xoXox

Friday, 10 September 2010

AWOL... (again!)

Well this week has been a busy one. Not a single day have I slept past 7am which is a bummer. Eating as being atrocious. Exercise not really happening most days. Weight? Shoot me but um. I might be going back to college too. Not sure atm since everybody can't get their ideas together. Seriously the services for young people in this country fucking suck. I'm not doing no retarded course they want me to do. I'd rather work at freaking Tesco's. It's not hard tbqh lmao. Ooh or I could work at Greggs. I passed their test lol. Okay now I am being majorly sarcastic. But if one more person tells me wanting to be a doctor is not a possibility I am going to murder them! These people are supposed to support and encourage kids to do something with their lives yet all they can do is drag you down. So retards, when I say I am going to be a doctor it means I AM going to be a doctor. Not a bloody radiographer, not a ENT specialist blah blah blah. It means a freaking doctor in A&E medicine or Orthopaedics and Trauma. Telling me it's 3 years at college and 5 at University doesn't put me off because I have known that since I was 11 years old. I'm not dumb *spaz face* Anyway enough ranting about that. Back to the college thing. I want to go obviously but I've got niggling thoughts in my head. All I can think is it's more people to hide everything from. Plus I'll have to work my arse off to remain a straight A student. Gahh this next year and the 2 following could get majorly busy with becoming a nerd again "/ Scary. More so since everybody I know go to the other college in Leeds. Bummer right? I should probably make new friends or something... I know easier said than done. At least it is the weekend though. I can spend time away from people, exercising, on PT etc etc. Not binging!! (I did write bonging at first o.O) Ooh and catching up on peoples blogs. I haven't seen anyones since last... Saturday? So lots of back reading there haha. But onto tonight and I have to go and wash my hair and do the laundry. How boring for a Friday night right? Ahh the life of a 17 year old : M L xoXox

Monday, 6 September 2010

Call it what you will

I'm super tired. Like more than normal yet I can't sleep since my friends are ordering food. Actually since I have been in a sort of binge mode for the past 3 days I helped them look for the menu. Who actually has menu's for takeaways apart form the junk mail you forget to chuck out? It took nearly an hour to find them and he has a million. Typical male being too lazy to cook so orders out most nights :P Ahh such a stereotype but oh so true. *yawns* I've been using my exercise bike a lot so it's sort of leveling out all the eating but I still have a feeling I have gained. Maybe I'll step on the scales when I go home tomorrow... Mmm it depends. I still can't get over how fat Samuel is! I swear it's not normal how big he is. I would post a picture but it's not my kid and you lot could be some weirdo's from Asia that... well I will let you guys finish that. Night, morning or whatever it is where you are. Oh my gosh the pizza is huge! Argh shoot me dead!! : I am seriously back in the 130's, I just know it. Arghhh. M L xoXox

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Gah I am not a fan. Mainly since my friends bed gives me backache. I never used to ache this much even after 5 hours of dance!! Plus all the food... ugh. On a good note my baby cousin was finally(!!) born so a lot of celebrating going on. It is really fat! Like seriously not in a bad way but his face is soo squishy and cute lol. But 8lb 11oz is a lot for a small baby. I will justify my 7lb 13oz with I was a long child :P Such a short post but for once I have things going on. Now don't be too shocked ;) Oh and I will reply to your comments at some point over the next few days. I always forget "/ M L xoXox

Friday, 3 September 2010


Writing a blog always takes me forever. I am always changing the music so you can guarantee that an hour after starting these things I am never finished. Madness lol. My September is getting off to an okay start actually. Nice weather, eating hasn't been too bad, back to the gym today... *shut up stomach please. Thank you* I wish I hadn't had that toast yesterday though. Bread makes me feel so groggy and full. But I stuck to under 600 calories for the entire day so all isn't that bad. On a random note: This Morning is very weird. I mean I hate that Kate woman and Jeremy Kyle doesn't mesh well with her. Mmm... And I miss Loose Women. Seriously it's a laugh lol. Back to what I was on about. What was I on about?.. Argh it's 11am! I still have to get a shower before my friend gets here at 12! Bahh I told you I never write this up in time. I need to stop procrastinating and get on with it. procrastination will be the death of me. That and not going to the gym. I can't believe I haven't been in a month! That truly is shocking in my opinion!! I should start getting ready... *wonders off* Right I am going to get ready. I swear. M L xoXox

Thursday, 2 September 2010


I never noticed it was September until this morning. I must be getting old haha. Last night wasn't too bad. We didn't go to the cinema since everything just looked utter crap. Apart from Shrek and Toy Story but they don't show them at night which is stupid in my opinion. So we just watched dvds at home. Pringles are too addictive though. Not the best crisps out there but there is something about them... But yeah I gained just over 1lb from it shocker but I think that's because I broke my fast with food I wouldn't normally eat after fasting. Anyway I wonder what is going on with PrettyThin. I thought it would have been back by now since it's a new month with the bandwidth. Gahh I need to talk to people. Facebook just isn't cutting it haha. Ugh. M L xoXox

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oh shoot

I forgot to top up my phone. Of all the stupid things to forget I forget to top up my phone. No unlimited texts until next month apart from David, Amii and Alex :( It's a sad day. T-Mobile you suck. Anyway it's 5am nearly. I am going to the cinema tonight "/ Not a clue what we are seeing so I think I will check the Vue website out. But as long as I have m&m's to throw at people I will be happy haha :P I should try and go back to sleep... M L xoXox