Tuesday, 24 August 2010


My brain is not functioning to come up with something creative. Today has been pretty blah and it's only 11am!! My God things are starting to get bad before noon. Something is definitely wrong with that. But with 4 hours sleep, pouring rain and a poorly cat was anything meant to go right? Oh and thanks for the comments. But if you think I am a camera whore, you should meet my cat! She hears you playing with the phone she rolls over and starts posing :L On the plus side my cousin left my place today. Like whoo lol. After we went to the vets and they said Sarah's (my other auntie) cat was too poorly for them to do anything (Poor Mogwai D': ) me and adam came back to mine and he took his stuff to his friends. Like I am glad to be able to walk around my house in my underwear haha. And fall asleep on the sofa. And work out and eat whatever. Okay okay very random lol.
On a sidenote: How the heck are Nicoles legs so long when she's so short? I think the publisher stretched this picture :P I mean Victoria is semi tall I think so she has an excuse at least :L
XxXooR.I.P MogwaiooXxX


  1. I say you take some cat pictures! I love kittehhs.
    I hope your aunty's cat gets better. :(

  2. good point about nicole's legs... they are awfully long. But I love her legs!