Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Subway and not 1 but 10 buses, 4 trains and 1 taxi

Yes you heard that right! My day was spent on freaking public transport mainly. How fancy right? The trains? I love. The buses? Whole different area. They get too warm, there is always and I mean always somebody with BO on there and well it takes too long. Maybe not in a small town but Leeds is a smaller version of New York and London but with the same traffic. And kids... lets not get started on them terrors. So I went into town with a few friends. Actually it started off as one and then we met a few others. Anyhow. After like an hour of meeting up with people they decided to go to Subway (yay coffee!) and order whatever they wanted. I wasn't paying much attention tbh. I was chatting away with somebody I hadn't seen in a while. My 'friend' then decided randomly and loudly to point out I didn't order a sandwich. I wanted to scream "FYI none of your freaking business dipsy (telletubby refrence haha)" but I just said not hungry and turned around. I got the "You haven't eaten all day" thing thrown at me. I should have had a bitch fit or something but I simpily pointed out I'd only been with them an hour so unless they have all been hiding in my closet they wouldn't have any idea haha. My friend laughed out loud and not long after that I left them lot and hung with other people. Don't you just hate it when people do that though. It's like ugh. Shut up people y'know? I've never got why people take notice. They don't when you are eating a ton or something though. Grr. It was a good day though. A bit bummed I screwed my fast up though. Nearly day 4 too but I'll start over tomorrow. It wasn't anything bad just a few crisps. Still... Party on Saturday night "/ :) Managed to get out of church on Sunday though which is fantastic!! =D Not too sure about Sunday night though. I don't mean church but I think I am expected to go to another party. We'll see when it gets to Sunday... I should probably attempt to go to bed. I have another long day tomorrow. It's hard being in demand ;) Oh and tar Sarah for that last comment :) M L xoXox

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  1. The important thing is that you had fun though! :)