Friday, 27 August 2010

I ache

I really do. I had forgotten how jumping jacks and crap make you hurt lol. Saying that I have not done jumping jacks in like a year or something. But I am going to go for a run in the morning and gym a bit later on whilst I wait for my phonecall. I can just imagine I will be on the treadmill and get the call then, fall off and want to cry haha xD It could happen lol. This week is going pretty good actually. It's funny how it always does once I have nobody bugging me about stuff. But from Sunday night I have gone from 136lbs (yuck. Tar Ad!) to 129.8lbs yesterday. Though it probably has something to do with being able to fast. And be lazy haha. Ah well. If I break the 9st range (126lbs... hang on why do I always convert this? People obviously know how to themselves o.O) by Sunday I'll be okay. Though I am babysitting tomorrow night and Saturday night. Oh today I got my blood test results. I got these tablets for all this stuff that was either too low or too high (whoops?) Only problem is it's take 2 a day WITH a meal. That doesn't work well for me. Gah doctors right? I need to stop writing. I need to pee (tmi) plus get things together for tomorrow. M L xoXox


  1. Congrats on getting in shape.. I've slacked off soooo bad recently! I hate jumping jacks.
    How tall are you? I only ask bcuz I'm 5'7'' and 133lbs ( i think I haven't weighed in like 3weeks too scared!)

  2. Haha, you know that you've done a good workout if it hurts the next day!

  3. Just find small meals or things with low cals. I never had to eat an actual 'normal' meal with pills that said so, I usually could just eat a little something. Hope ya find something that works out for you to take them without having to feel bad about eating it!

  4. Pixie: I'm 5ft 6. I need a few more inches lol.

    Emry: They are gross. I have never thrown up more not on purpose before in my life! Bleurgh