Friday, 20 August 2010

Ever noticed...

How when you are around people you care about and dare I say it love you'll do anything to be "normal"? That is what I have been doing since... I can't even think when my cousin came o.O I think nearly a week or so. Yeah a week today. Gosh my brain is fried. I have actually gone from blah might as well put it. I don't do numbers on these things but what the hell. Not going to do it for another month or so anyway. I went from 9st 3lbs (129lbs) on Friday/Saturday to 9st 8lbs in a week. Dear Adam I love you but just can't handle eating with you. On another note though my friend did ask if we should form a group and go on holiday next year. Probably Italy or something since it isn't majorly expensive. I actually don't hold much hope out for going tbh with you. I'm going to keep in mind that it is the thought that counts. Saying that I need a new passport for next year anyway. And a provisional driving license so I can start to learn how to drive :) Fun fun! Anyway today hasn't been too badly. By this past week or two's standards anyway. M L xoXox

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  1. Aw, you should consider going. I'm sure Italy would be amazing.
    And yeah, I eat normally when my grandma is around or is cooking for me. <3