Friday, 16 July 2010

Why do I insist on self destructing?

At first I thought it was PrettyThin and the sort so I stayed away from basically everything online and yet here I am still fucking pressing that button! Must it always be like this? I can't even be normal with my friends. Argh! I need to scream or punch something. I can't believe how sucky this situation is. And I can't believe how much I moan? Like since when did that happen?? I rarely moan at anything. Well okay sometimes I do but nobody is perfect haha. I mean imagine a world where nobody moaned. That would be so dull tbh. I mean like no complaining about anything. Jeez I'm not too sure I would like that world. But anyway today has been meh! Pretty half and half. Gym for less than a year. Year? I mean hour. I think this means I need sleep. Sleep. I spent most of the day apart from that watching Ellen Degeneres shows on YouTube. Funny woman. Not too ugly either. Eww now did I really just say that? Gosh I do need sleep. I had a bit of drama with friends earlier. Seriously they need more of a life and stop getting involved in mine. Why do people do that? I mean seriously. Is your life so uninteresting that you need to get involved in everyone elses? Blah. I don't do females. I mean not literally but you know what I am saying like or rather I hope so. Meh who cares? Gym for a year, Ellen Degeneres, females... this is getting into one big bad thing. Dentist very soon... Oh fuck! M L xoXox

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