Saturday, 10 July 2010

This is getting confusing now...

First word of advice; Put down the Red Bull and water! It is not fun going to the bathroom this many times!! I really do need to catch up on blogging. It isn't that easy repeating yesterday when it's hard to remember it after sleeping. So tonight I shall aim to write todays rather than waiting until Sunday morning. Erm... I woke up early again yesterday. Like 2am or something. =/ Couldn't get back to sleep so just stayed awake and did whatever it was I did. Oh I wrote Thursdays blog. Confusing!! Anyway gah I can't remember what I did. I was meaning to go to the gym but didn't cos I felt sickly. Maybe it had something to do with the dairy products I bought when I went to this cafe with H?... Anyway that left me feeling shitty. It's funny how I never learn time after time of eating it. Hell when the doctor told me I was lactose intolerant I went and bought a milkshake xD I am special :L We got these chocolate muffins too. 390 calories for 1! So not worth it since they tasted like crap. Ugh. So I am not too sure on yesterdays intake tbh. Grr I need to stop drinking. I haven't seen my bathroom this many times in years o.O

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