Friday, 23 July 2010


How annoying it is when people actually type like that? I had a conversation earlier with a school friend and every text message was written like that. I started to ignore her after a while. Anyhow. I ate last night. Under 500 like I think. I ate again today after planning to fast but I is okay with that. I think I had around like 700 calories when I went out earlier. I had soup and a tofu salad. And gym today. Finally getting that relationship back with that place. Today was pretty routine. I noticed of of H's friends who is mine but still, has a crush on this girl he works with. Quite fascinating to watch actually and oh so cute. Seems everyone is pairing up these days. What happened to being single and enjoying it? I think out out of the entire 2 groups of friends I have only around 4-6 are single. And nope have no chance pairing up xD Could be an interesting mix though... Think I am going to make the most of this weekend since next week and the week after are pretty chaotic. I'm not really looking forward to them but since the first week of August is mainly spent shopping and decorating both of which are passion of mine and burn calories haha I'm okay with it. The travelling is annoying though. Who would believe taking the bus places would take so long. I really need to take my driving lessons. Actually I need a provisional license first. Might get it in a few weeks... Uh like how I am already planning on spending my money that is yet to be paid into my bank account. Oh well. I have so much to buy really. So many things to sort out. Meh it'll be sorted very soon :) Ahh I should go to bed soon. I am soo tired but getting sick of laying there for hours. Blah. I also need to kick my sea salt addiction but it stops any unwanted cravings for salty food. It's a sort of win-win/lose-lose situation hehe. M L xoXox

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