Friday, 2 July 2010

So so tired

I had like an hours sleep on Thursday. So throughout the day I just wanted to fall asleep. I managed to get everything done though and went to the gym today. Amazing aye? But it was a long day. I spent most of it in the city centre going to various places. I swear if I get told to go back to college to do some lousy shite one more time I am going to go and sign up for the Army!! I am just not going back to do the same courses I did last year before I left to start working in the NHS. Now I am no rocket scientist but even I know there is no point redoing them when I passed with A's. Now thicko sort your head out! Once I got home from town, I met my friend and we headed to the gym. Now I was majorly bored and tired so moaned (quite) a bit. I swear I almost fell off the treadmill which one day I am going to. We left after just over an hour cos even he was tired. And we I am tired and bored I am not slaving my arse off in a gym. I am going home and going to bed =P Then again i didn't even get home until around 7pm because we had to go food shopping. Honestly I can live without it. As long as I can go home and be lazy I don't give one about food. Oh yes. And I fasted today :) Not too sure how long I want to fast for but it's about time I actually did something. And on that I should probably go back to bed. Or at least get from out of my duvet. I am boiling. I hate this humid heat. Makes it impossible to sleep and makes me tired cos I have had no sleep. Make sense? M L xoXox

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