Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Short and sweet

Today. Well I haven't done a thing and I don't intend to either. Don't get me wrong I am pretty happy and all but I am just lazing around and having a relaxing week. Well until tomorrow at least. Wednesday are always super busy fitting everything in. Especially the gym and travelling. Anyhoo. Getting sick of people on Facebook and such. You can't threaten ODing and shite. It's just kind of pathetic in my opinion. But I shant talk about them 'Challenged' people on there. Uh go figure. Day 1 of fasting is nearly over. Went faster than I expected or maybe that's because I stayed in bed watching tv until half past 1 o.O Not doing bad considering my previous 2 weeks >.> Like I said, short and sweet. M L xoXox

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