Sunday, 25 July 2010


I've spent most of my day playing COD and Grand Theft Auto and going on and off PrettyThin and Facebook. Apart from when I went to the gym. I actually dragged my ass to the gym even though I have the flu and tonsilitus. Flu in summer. Go figure. Don't ask how I got it cos I have no idea so probably the doctors tomorrow. Ugh I hate going to the doctors. I am never poorly so hardly go. Oh well I will grace them with my presence some time this week lol. Eating is going well since I have no appetite. Best part about being poorly tbh lol. I ate cereal without milk about 2 hours ago or something. It actually lasts longer when not in a bowl with milk. Think I'll try that more often since all the cereal in my house is under 150 calories. Only the Shreddies are above 112 cals. Well I'm making this short since I don't have the patience to write a long blog. I'm going back to playing my lame ass Facebook games haha. Funny how most of them are to do with food but hey they pass the hours xD M L xoXox

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  1. Ahaha I love playing games like that. They really do pass the time. :) Hope you start to feel better soon!