Monday, 5 July 2010

Maybe he is in love...

Or at the very least crushing on somebody. Does anyone even say crushing? Meh I read it on Facebook and am using it anyway. It's has I have said really though. The way she looks at him and acts around him... It's not fair. It's not fair because it really means things are moving on. Moving on is never easy. Nobody should ever do it. We should all give it a miss and get on with other things.
Moving on means having to say it's really over and to be able to confess that outside of your mind isn't easy in the slightest. It's actually an heart killer.
Don't get me wrong she is a sweet girl and he's... well yeah.
So right now it hurts. I think things are going to slowly fall apart. Ugh! Takes me back to the "Andy" days. They hurt. They sucked. And they totally drained me.
I had a lot more to write but I think they can wait a while. Let's not get to Britney-esque breakdown style :P
I've got a party with them tomorrow =/ = Not sure what to make of that one but I like them both =) Good right? and H* is coming along thank goodness. So... bring on the alcohol xD hehe.

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