Monday, 19 July 2010

Long bleeding weekend

It's been a long weekend. My laptop stopped functioning like Friday evening/Saturday morning. I was kind of devasted because... well come on! How many of us actually go a day without going online even if just to say a quick "hello, I'm not dead!" Dell... well my gosh i am not allowing the colour of a laptop persuade me to buy it again. I am saving up for a Mac. My grandparents and Aunty are buying me a PC for christmas =/ but since it's Apple I am not too bothered haha. I had an Apple PC before. It was pretty good. And when it got repaired Apple did NOT wipe everything off memory. Enough of complaining... for now anyhow. Friday night I stayed at my friends. Actually I camped over at his place all weekend. Quite fun actually. Ate more than I wanted though. Ugh. And yes since this will be a longish post I will finally start complaining more about my weight. Seriously it is gross. Saturday we spent most of the day in town. I think we did Starbucks at least 3 times! Aye wow! Not sure i have ever gone that many times in one day. I think I have my caffiene addiction back =/ It was a pretty lazy weekend. I was averaging around 1100 calories a day :O I know. It's a lot but I like my friend and evidentally he likes eating haha. But new week and all. My binging track is behind me for now. Monday I had 750 calories. Blah but hey it wasn't a binge. I'm happy on that score. Y'know I can't even remember half of the weekend. I am pretty sure I had something quite important to remember but I can't. *Shrugs shoulders* I have had my friend bugging me all night about her boyfriend. Seriously fyi: I don't care! You didn't when I was dating David and now you are dating somebody nicknamed "Bruiser" Oh my gosh! I've just seen the Facebook pictures of him :O I know him. Ohmygosh Steven what the hell?? I'm in shock. And not a chance in rats hell would I go out with his brother or cousin! Sure good looking but a typical (that side of Leeds) boy. Nash no chance. Ew ew ew!! So onto normal things to try and cleanse my brain... I'm back to the gym on Wednesday. I never stay very long on a Wednesday since I have to go grocery shopping and the sort. I hate having to waste money lol. I'd rather just go and buy bare essentials but since I always have people over... It's harder. But fasting tomorrow. Hopefully it goes okay. I am actually quite fat = Onto Monday. Ah fook this entire blog is a maze. I can't figure anything out. Maybe I should just quit and reblog tomorrow when it all makes sense. I actually think that's the best idea. M L xoXox

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